Young Leaders, A Bleak Future: Are Winds of Change Really Sweeping India?

If a nation’s future depends on the quality of its young leaders, then we have a bleak future. I don’t see much of young leadership that is bright, open, committed, strong and acting with conviction. At a regional level, we do have leaders like Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao in Telangana and Aditya Thackeray in Maharashtra. We may disagree with them, but at least they act with conviction, work hard on the ground and are open to ideas. They decide, take risks, lead from the front and put their neck on the block.

The other set of young leadership has largely disappointed. And our fate is such that we are dealing with only leaders that are stepping into their father’s shoes. RaGa, Akhilesh, Sukhbir, Lokesh have a long way to go before they come out of their parents shadows. They may be willing and ambitious but ability fails them. In fact at the national level, the youngest leader – courageous, bold and acting with conviction is the much admired and hated Arvind Kejriwal.

We rarely have young leadership that sweeps the youth off their feet, while deciding on their behalf. The Obama, The Justin Trudeau and even a Campbell (who fathered a child while in office) is not to be seen any where close on the horizon. And the one I see it, with his vice like grip on the party, Modi will rule BJP even when he is Advani’s age and Gandhis will head Congress even in 2040. Possibly, this also speaks about our young voters who cry for fresh thinking and change and still seek the old; those that they think they are running and covering miles while running on a treadmill.

Did I hear some one say that India is the youngest nation on earth? That has more to do with our unprotected sexual appetite and our illiterate people than any plan or strategy. All it takes is a few billion condoms to make us look old. And soon, we will be back to adjusting with the fresh ideas offered by Modi, The Gandhis, The Yadavs and the Karunanidhis.

Indeed, ‘Winds Of Change’ are sweeping India.

Earlier, we were castigated for not speaking up.

Today, we are intimidated for speaking up.

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