Yoga to be included as a compulsory subject in Central Schools

As per the fresh decision taken regarding future of yoga education, Human Resource Development Minister Mrs. Smriti Irani confirmed that Yoga would be a compulsory subject from this academic session. HRD Minister Mrs. Irani attended the two-day National Yoga Teacher conference on 22 June. 200 yoga teachers from Delhi Government Schools out of 500 yoga teachers from Country are participating in the conference.

yoga education in schools
Students performing Yoga at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi

Irani also added that the States are invited to adopt the decision of including Yoga as the mandatory subject in the curriculum as per their will. Yoga has been added as a compulsory subject to be taught in Kendriya Vidyalayas and Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalas, however CBSE is working to prepare the strategy for the implementation of he subject.

Following the celebrations of International Yoga Day, there would be a need of trained yoga teachers in the Country and hence Yoga is need to be introduced as a training module in teacher education programs.

HRD Minister said that implementation of Yoga as a compulsory subject would not put any additional burden on Students, and hence 80 marks would be reserved for the practicals. “However, I want an assurance from students that they will perform the practicals with full devotion,” she added.

“We have prepared syllabus for teachers as well. One is diploma in yoga education, bachelors in yoga education and masters in yoga education,” she said responding to the introduction of training module in teacher education. National Council of Teacher Education, has made Yoga a compulsory training module along with ICT, gender studies and inclusive education.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that the Delhi State Government is currently working on a project and hence would reduce the main syllabus by 25 percent and replace it with ‘most essential subjects of living life’ like yoga, music, sports, theater etc. “If you give me liberty, I will reduce main curriculum by 50 percent, But to begin with, we have set up a team to work on this to educe main curriculum by 25 percent. If not all schools, we will do it in some schools as a pilot project,” he said.

“As far as Centre’s yoga syllabus is concerned, we will implement it completely or partially in Delhi schools from this session itself”, Mr. Sisodia added.

In addition to it, a national-level competition on Yoga will be organized in New Delhi next year and the best performing student would be entitled for a cash prize of Rs.5 lakh.

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