World Bank report says that IS recruits educated people over average ones

One of the most menacing terrorist group, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), has been recruiting educated people for many years, that are mostly the educated people from middle-east countries and Europe, as The Guardian has noted.

In a new study by World Bank which entitles “Economic and Social Inclusion to prevent Violent Extremism”, it explains that poverty and social deprivation is not the root cause of joining ISIS, rather the people who have been ranked average on the education used to join the group to become suicide bombers. There is a negligible contribution of poor people in the group.

Surprisingly, the people who have completed their secondary school education and also has graduated are willing to be part of so called ‘Jihad’. According to the report, some people were doing decent jobs before joining the group.

A data has been leaked of foreign recruitment of 3,803 people by a former ISIS member who joined the group in 2013. World Bank study reveals that 69 % of the recruits has at least secondary level of education while 15% left school before high school and approx. 2% are illiterate.

The report is absolutely shocking. These people were asked about the preferred role they want to execute for the group.

Also, another ISIS affiliate terrorist group Boko Haram based in Nigeria has been reported to recruit women as a fighter. Usually, women were recruited by the militant groups for cooking, sex slaves and other minor works. But, there has been found an increasing trend of women fighters among militant groups.

These type of recruitment are most done via the internet. The leaders of these groups are also good at brainwashing. They hold the religion issue and misuse it to misguide people. Especially, ISIS has been in highlight since a long time for terror and violence.

This is obviously against the humanity. Well, they are also inhumane.

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