World Bank MD encourages girls to pursue higher education

The Managing Director and CEO (Chief Operating Officer) of World Bank, Mulyani Indrawati encouraged girls to pursue higher education. She was on a visit to the Kasturba Gandhi Girls Residential School in Anuppura village, Rajasthan. She emphasized that girls should keep higher education in mind as well as secondary education. Education is the first and foremost criteria for development of a still developing nation. Stressing on this point, Indrawati said that in this juncture Indian women are taking over important places and jobs from men and they are by no mean lesser than men. But to make proper use of education and to work in important arenas of the nation, it is important for women to pursue higher education. Hence, this call of Indrawati exhorts women to continue on with higher education to serve their nation holding the important posts.

world bank md mulyani indrawati
World Bank MD Mulyani Indrawati at Kasturba Gandhi Girls Residential School

Indrawati was visiting the school with the bank’s delegation and she encouraged the girls to equip themselves for a better future with higher education. She explained in her speech that to attain higher education is to be eligible for the higher posts of any office. It is not about ensuring a good pay package. It is also about taking up great responsibilities of the country being a woman. What is a small step for one girl is a giant leap for the nation.

While delivering her speech, Indrawati not restricted herself in advices only, she also took up the pen to explain the role of the World Bank in this venture. She explained well to the girls highlighting the crucial role that World Bank is playing in this venture. A ten-member delegation from the World Bank inspected the infrastructure and the arrangements of many schools and interacted with the girls, asked them about their dreams and inspirations. They also shared their dreams about the future with them.

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The Press release informed about the details of the delegation and their visit. The team members from World Bank were given typical Rajasthani welcome from the schools completely arranged by the school staffs. The team members ran a complete all round inspection of all the schools. They visited kitchen, library, toilet, computer lab and main classrooms to check the quality of infrastructure. The team of World Bank and the CEO herself reviewed the projects initiated by Rajasthan government for further growth of the state. Their initiatives were highly applauded by the World Bank team.

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