Wiki Education announces 2016 as Wikipedia Year of Science

Wiki Education Foundation (Wiki Ed) has announced year 2016 as the Wikipedia Year of Science, an initiative to improve Wikipedia’s potential for communicating science to public.

wikipedia year of science 2016
Image Credits : Wiki Education Foundation Blog

Wiki Ed Program was started to contact educators and learners around the world for the contribution in Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. It provides support for university instructors in United States and Canada who are interested in assigning students to contribute content.

Wikipedia has more links on search engine than any other website. Around 450 million readers have access to Wikipedia on diversified topics. All these make Wikipedia as one of the most powerful platform to gain knowledge. So it is a good initiative by Wiki Ed to explore more about science.

In 2016, Wikipedia Year of Science, by connecting higher education classrooms to the publishing power of Wikipedia, Wiki Ed will improve Wikipedia’s science coverage for millions of readers across the world which will help students and future scientists to learn about science communication.

“The year of science is a collective approach. We are calling on experienced Wikipedia editors, and new ones. We are calling on experienced science professors, Ph.D candidates, and undergraduates. We are calling on librarians. We are calling instructors from every university and college in United States and Canada, in every science related subject,” said Frank Schulenburg, Executive Director of the Wiki Education Foundation.

“Improving Wikipedia as a resource is a top priority. As a globally accessible free knowledge resource, there is nothing else like it. We are asking your help to make Year of Science a powerful opportunity to empower student learning through Wikipedia,” he added.

The Year of Science will also act as a women empowerment source. In Wikipedia, 90% of the content is written by men and more than 65% of Wiki Ed’s student editors are women. This time Wiki Ed will focus on developing biographies of women scientists to maintain the balance of gender gap. By this, it will bring awareness of women’s role in science and will inspire the next coming generation.

If anyone is interested in this and want to contribute to Wiki’s content, he/she can contact them and process will continue as per their interest.

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