Why The Society Needs To Change Its Outlook About Women

Yesterday was the Mother’s day and the day has a global significance because the world for a day totally talks on the status of women and the fraternity also expresses their plight and their rebellious attitude towards the male dominated society that we live in.

As we all celebrate this day, the mothers and as well as sisters, daughters and spouses, deserve a day to stress their presence in the global society. In a world dominated by male, its important for me on a personal level to discuss the much needed issue of women’s empowerment.

Going through the gossips and intellectual array of thoughts from every quarter of the society, this author was very moved by the degrees of outlooks and beliefs the people share about females. The author also being versed with the courts of law and having been followed the marital disputes and criminal disputes that duly involve women, is unable to justify being a male himself, to which cause the author must be an advocate to, but on contemplating further, the stand of majority women in our beloved motherland where we disregard the females is very pitiable. The author intends to freely advocate the cause of female suppression, chauvinism as well as trying to motivate our sisters to strike a balance because they are but more wise than the men of the society are.

I remember Rajnath Singh, our minister of home affairs having said last year that ”India never imposed restrictions on women”, no doubt sir with all due respects, the Indian government never tried to control the women, but what has India done to change the status of women, if the minister was aware of the author’s query, he would have floundered upon the numerous legislation and provisions along side reservations and other social initiative at the national and the state levels respectively. But this again doesn’t answer the question put up by the author, because what sanctions can we put up on a person who is objectifying women? How can we change the mindset of the people regarding females?

The author has had very unpleasant public experiences at public places while he was with his sisters, so friends and girlfriends are not at all within the ambit of the discussion.

There are so many problems associated with women to name a few,

1. Social Restrictions emanating from – Religious Affiliations and Caste Affiliations
2.Female Foeticide/ Infanticide
3. Illiteracy among women
4. Eve-teasing
5. Harassment at workplaces
6. Dowry and domestic violence
7. Voyeurism
8. Honour killings
9. Rapes
10. All forms of Sexual abuse that escapes the light of the media
11. Objectification of Women

These are rough problems associated with almost every third woman across the globe. Amazingly by every second woman living in India has been subjected to one of the mentioned problems the most common being eve-teasing and not to mention objectification. There has been a lot of uproar globally on the documentary on the infamous Nirbhaya rape case, where the politicians were caught in a frenzy and the Law was found to be devoid of interpretations to charge the rapist and the team that produced the documentary of a crime. But expressing the concern of the government the Bar council of India issued notices to two lawyers who made derogatory remarks against women namely Mr M L Sharma and Mr A P Singh, both were associated with the accused of the rape, the documentary was banned, but amazingly the people interested already watched and are still watching it.

The author after watching the documentary and following the events of this day felt compelled to share a very deep rooted problem that is objectification of women in the Indian as well as the global society. There are certain quarters of the society where the women observe purdah, those women praise the practice thus clearly demonstrating how chauvinistic their line of thought has become that they cannot express themselves freely but choose to welcome it. Atrocities or differential treatment against women varies from society to society. Indian society is a mixed cultural society and has vague aspirations. The economic stratification of society here if carefully observed shows that the upper classes and the neo-middle classes are very freely allowing their women to express themselves but the lower middle class and the lower classes are very strict and very disturbing. The upper classes also victimize the women of their sub-ordinate social classes so as to yield in objectification of women.

This author after analyzing the above mentioned issues felt strongly that all the problems are linked either to sexual outlook regarding women or the feeling that women are only meant for washing- ironing- f##k##g- etc.

The concepts of chivalry, winning the heart of a woman and being her prince charming are only to be read in the books. The objectification of women in the film industry and music industry of India is not to be talked of. The famous celebrities talk of social evils and then they put on the clothes that they like and are guarded by swarthy men, but the commoner lady walking by the lane in a saree or a pair of jeans and tees is more likely to be savoured by a guy smoking round the corner or anybody else.

It is the need of the hour that the males need to learn to respect women, otherwise they may think easily what must be happening with their mothers, sisters and daughters even if they are decent and modest.

The mental outlook has to change otherwise the hostility between the two sexes is already evidently showing itself now and then and the society is further divided.

Voyeurism is supposed to be stopped to give men a breather and rather than concentrating on their love lives, both the males and females should really constructively indulge in some activities. We are not westernized nor we are sanskritized but we are dangling to prove our existence by random lifestyle that is but leading to confusion.

The State has to learn how to respect women and then teach its citizens how to do the same, not to mention how law enforcers and public servants too get accused of marital disputes and sexual offenses!

How hard it is to respect a woman for her beauty and her being a Woman when we celebrate the Raksha Bandhan and proudly claim to be the Mama’s boy?

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