Why RGPV students are opposing CBCS?

Rajeev Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidhyalaya (RGPV), Madhya Pradesh is facing trouble after implementing Choice based Credit System (CBCS) in it colleges. Students’ association, as well as authorities, are unhappy with the decision of the university.

The CBCS was implemented two years ago for the betterment of education system into the colleges of RGPV. But, students and authorities are not interested in the new system as they were with the semester system in undergraduate courses which was dropped two weeks ago after several protests.

The protesters are claiming the system should have been practiced on a small level before implemented in all colleges. Association of Technical and Professional Institutes (ATPI) president JN Chauksey said, “The CBCS system is decent but is should be first checked in the government institutions. Instead of that, RGPV vice chancellor implemented directly to seek the attention.”

The CBCS system faced more heat when RGPV launched an online system to monitor awarding the internal marks and attendance. This system is effective from 1st October and students are talking against it.

This online monitoring system was implemented to avoid the protest of students of unfair marking and attendance system. Recently, many students staged protest after they could not clear the practical exams. Also, some claimed that colleges used to award full internal marks to show the good result of the institutions.

With the implementation of new system, colleges would have to produce the evidence of awarding internal marks. Also, the online portal will record the dates of quizzes, marks obtained by the students and awarded for tutorials and assignments.

Unhappy students’ organization want to close CBCS system. ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad) said the RGPV should take back the system. It said that the CBCS has directed the colleges to conduct practical classes under the surveillance of CCTV camera which is not acceptable for the students.

In the return, RGPV said the CBCS system is an effective one to improve the education. It blamed the colleges to not provide proper arrangements for this new system. Also, CBCS is a rigorous process for which students and authorities would have to work hard to gain the advantage of this.

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