Why India needs a new debate on Caste Reservation & Quota

One of the famous communities from the state of Gujarat gathered earlier this week demanding reservations for their community in education as well as government sector. Approximately over 300,000 people gathered under the leadership of Hardik Patel demanding the grant. The gathering resulted in the death of eight people including one policemen, a father and a son.

A writer by hobby and a politician by profession, Shashi Tharoor explained as – ‘Why India needs a new debate on reservation/quota in educational, government and job sector’. The massive agitation, which took place in Gujarat on Tuesday has left the whole country shaken. The Patel community under the leadership of Hardik Patel put forth their demand to grant their community under reserved category.

Place of ‘reservation’ in Constitution:

The Indian Constitution was formed in year 1950 and is considered one of the lengthiest constitution in the world. The Indian Constitution offers consideration to scheduled caste and scheduled tribes as being the one of the disadvantage group of Hindu Community. As per the guidelines of the Indian Constitution, these backward classes will be provided with the opportunity to be treated equally in all fields. Whether it be educational institution or government jobs, the SC/ST community will have a percent of seat reserved for them.

It was the government’s way of compensating the poor people of India who were mistreated and suffered untouchability. Later in 1989, on Mandal Commission recommendations, Other Backward Classes(OBC) were also included in the list of weaker section of the society and provided with all the benefits.

Race to be declared ‘backward’:

Seeking to be among the backward sections of the society, communities like Meena and Gujjar are fighting with each other with the zeal of being considered among the weaker section of the society.

Nowadays, very few government or educational sectors are present with limited number of seats, more and more people try to sought for the position. And being in general category is quite difficult to get such position. Only way possible and easier is for the reserved candidates. So communities are fighting with each other seeking recognition.

The Patel community, being the largest community in Gujarat happens to share 15 percent of the state population wants the recognition too. However, the Patel’s are considered to be successful, wealthy and in fact the dominant community of the state.

Why Now?

From the very beginning, caste system has become one of the crucial weapon which in turn has proved useful to the politicians in India. The massive agitation of the Patel community in the state has made the people to newly debate over the topic of reservations. Some thinks that the reservations should be for the economically weaker section but not based on the caste system.

While countries likes of USA have become powerful and developed without any reservation system in an form of sector, be it job sectors, educational sectors or any other, India still keeps suffering from this disease and for how long? Its time that we people raise the issue, make government think about and lets end it for once and all. Equality must be attained by all communities in the country for a singular purpose of prosperous tomorrow.

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