Why Govt must focus on promoting E-learning and Digital Education

E Learning in India

In the last 5 to 6 years the present education system of classroom studies is getting shifted towards the E-Learning by Smart Classes which is in itself a really appreciable initiative on the part of the government and private organisations. But still it is a dream for maximum because most of the schools running under the aegis of Government are lacking behind the quality infrastructure and skilled teachers.

“In present education scenario, online education can be a gift for whom access to quality education is next to impossible and at every point of time they have a desire to re skill.”

The central and state government have been besting their efforts to bring more and more resources online for students and teachers as well. The scenario can be addressed if we look back at past six months work of government for digitalisation of education. Earlier in June this year, government launched its one of most ambitious project so far “Digital India” under Prime Minister’s lead. The government has made hug investment plans in year to come to focus on e-learning and improving literacy rate and the reach to rural India.

States haven’t been far behind with initiatives. For example, Kerala govt aims to connect schools through digital network under its ‘Digital Kerala’ program, Haryana govt signs MoU to promote digital literacy in the state and many more.

Telangana government launched its online library for schools aiming digitalisation of its schooling system and Bihar govt launched app to promote literacy in the state.

The education system of India at all levels ranging from primary to higher are full of both quality and quantity challenges. In general terms, the quality teachers are less in number and hardly there is provision of proper environment and infrastructure for the students so that they take interest in studies.

At primary, secondary or higher levels there is a surge in number of students with each demanding quality education but it’s not that easy for the education system to get rid of the obstacles soon. On the other hand, industries and corporations too demand handful of skilled workers.

Considering the demand of skilled workers and rise in start up, entrepreneurship sector, several states are on the verge to expand college and Universities’ rule books including more courses and programs relevant. Whereas few states have established skill and development centre for promoting such areas of education, it must be followed for good.

It takes time, proper budget and quality human resource to establish new institution which will satisfy the increasing demand for quality education along with skilled teachers. Though the task seems to be quite difficult yet even the word impossible says that ‘i m possible’.

Then there is the rule book: Starting a school or a college in India needs magical levels of energy and perseverance. It’s a country where people are hungry for education, parents trying their level best to provide their wards with best of best education. Every parent thinks that their children get education and become a laurel. Government also leaves no stone unturned to establish as many schools as they can to provide education to all.

In present scenario a child who is only months old is well aware how to use the electronic gadgets without putting in extra efforts. Not only they are smart enough to handle these high tech gadgets but also the agencies have developed animated things to make them learn the things while playing. E-class takes its first initial step from here itself. The concept of e-learning in India is at its birth stages so it is the high time for the government to take an initiative and change its curriculum and syllabi to E-savvy so that more and more educational institutions may fulfil the needs and demands of the upcoming generation.

Government must focus to bring education system online because in a class of 50 students there may be many who have understood the lesson taught by the teacher and on the other there may be few who have not understood it. But due to shyness and inferiority they will not raise their hands saying that “they have not understood”. This is where E-learning will help him/her. How it will help? They can get back home insert the pen drive or look for the same on internet or when the same will be displayed by the teacher in E-Learning class. When E-learning will be fully adopted by the schools and will be provided to the students it will become a best friend who will be with them 24 by 7.

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