Students in a fix as WBJEE 2017 and UPSC NDA 2017 exam dates clash

This year, thousands of students in the state will have to choose between writing the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination or the admission test for the National Defence Academy (NDA). Both the examinations have equal aspirants and common aspirants too. Applicants wanted to keep both the options at hand; however, to their hard luck is this fix.

The schedules for the two popular entrance tests, one performed by the WBJEE board and the other by the UPSC, are contrasting. Both exams are scheduled to be held on April 23, 2017. The WBJEE authorities, until now, are hesitant to move the time frame to the dismay of thousands of students who are to be prepared for both.

Students those who have to prepare for NDA exam to join the army, they kept WBJEE as a second choice. But now, all the applicants are anxious as National Defence Academy, WBJEE & Naval Academy Examination is clashing with the same time.

The WBJEE Board won’t modify the examination time due to the conflict. WBJEE Board Chair, Malayendu Saha said, “In October, we had advised almost 55 exams conducting body about the date of having quality.”

Educationist Amal Mukhopadhyay says that it is extremely regrettable if students fascinated to appear for the NDA examination are limited to taking WBJEE.

Though the fundamentals of several city schools experience that the variety of candidates seeking to appear in the NDA and NA examination is low, yet this year, there will be a smaller variety of candidates for quality.

The number of candidates seeking to appear in the NDA and NA examination being low this year, there will be even smaller figures of candidates with quality, feels the principals of several city schools.

Now it is a tie between the students. What will they decide? Which exam will they appear? As for both exams, again they have to wait for 1 year if they would miss one. Let’s see and calculate which exam will grab more students and which will take less. After the clash of ICSE and ISC examinations with the Assembly Election, now here is another turmoil that the students have to go through.

Wishing all the applicants Good Luck !!!

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