WBBSE to make significant changes in Madhyamik exam marking system

Students, be it the school going or college going, are always asked by teachers and professors that they will not be awarded marks for writing the story or for filling the sheets rather they will be given marks for main points. Now West Bengal Board of Secondary Education – WBBSE is planning to introduce new marking system in madhyamik examinations which is still in progress and once introduced it will make a huge difference in the marking system followed by the board. The students from the year 2017 will be awarded the marks on the basis of certain keywords and points in the answers. This method is already followed in ICSE and CBSE examinations.

wbbse marking system for madhyamik exam
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education – Official Building

Students are always told to pay attention to the spellings, structure of the sentences, grammar, punctuation’s and to maintain the decorum of the topic as they are the things which are given the utmost importance while allocating marks in essay type questions and they carry the maximum marks. It has been long since the marking system has undergone any change. So that the examiners have a well-structured layout of the marking pattern and students also do not suffer, few significant changes in the marking system will be introduced.

As per the new marking system if this question of 2 marks is asked from Physics: A force is applied on a non-rigid body and a rigid body. How does the effect of force differ in the above two cases? Students will be given full two marks only if they write about the effect of force on both the rigid and non-rigid body and then explains their difference. Students who do not comply will be given only one-and-a-half marks. In some cases it might be possible that no marks will be awarded means with two or a big zero.

As per the present centralized marking system in ICSE which is considered as the toughest board the marking system is quite different. The examiners are given the selected answer scripts by the examination centre coordinators. They check the scripts and register the marks. But the same will not be followed from the year 2016. ICSE is planning to introduce online marking, named LICR (Live In Character Recognition) which will be applicable in each subject.

West Bengal School Education Department wants to introduce a model marking system so as to cut out the subjective interpretation of answers by examiners, which is often inconsistent. The same will also be introduced so that the students read text books and apply knowledge. Conceptual learning will be encouraged and conceptual answers will fetch higher marks.

The students will also be made acquainted with the format of all India examinations and other competitive exams. It will help examiners access the candidates better. It is also expected that the Board in the long run might follow the foot-steps of ICSE, in which the examiners are appointed to correct answer scripts at an evaluation centre. This will reduce the risk of losing answer scripts. It will also ensure uniformity in the marks.

A senior state education official informed, “The syllabus revamp committee is working on the possibility of reducing the subjective part of marking. If a question carries less weightage and mentions that the answer should be written within a specific number of words or sentences, then the model marking system will specify keywords, approach towards the subject, mandatory sentences and points, which an examiner can look for in an answer.”

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  • WBBSE should publish a model question paper ( Bengali & English both) for all subject immediate (Madhyamik Exam,2017). Because the candidates are absolutely in dark regarding new syllabus question type. Even some teachers doesn’t have any clear conceptions.This ‘Question Bank’ may be payble,though for the students it would be very helpful.

    Jayanta Saha

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