VTU results 2016 expected before July 27; students launch online petition

VTU results and VTU 8th sem results June 2016 is expected to be announced between 25-27 July as Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) informed the students through social media yesterday. VTU results for BE 8th sem and few other courses have been delayed by two weeks by the varsity now.

Following the delay in declaration of VTU results of 8th sem June 2016 examinations, the displeased students have launched an online petition asking the varsity to announce results. As we reported last week, Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) failed to announce the results for several of it’s under-graduate and post-graduate courses on time and delayed by around 10 days.

vtu results 2016This delay in VTU results 2016 declaration left the students edged out which led them to launch the online petition. Somebody, an anonymous user and obviously a VTU student then took the matter in hand and launched an online petition at change.org asking the VTU to announce results.

Petitioning the Registrar, VTU Belgaum, the students lashed out at the varsity for showing negligence in publishing the results, lack of communication and the possible difficulties many of them are facing at the moment involving their career pursuits.

The petition reads;

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU, Belgaum) BE 8th semester results May/June 2016 haven’t been declared yet and the prolonged delay is due to the negligence of the VTU.

At the least, the University could’ve communicated the result announcement date to the students so that they can inform their employer/foreign institute and commit when they would join.

The delay in results have affected thousands of students in Karnataka who hope to join jobs already offered and pursue higher education abroad or in India.

This kind of negligence and mismanagement directly affects the students, their families and also the economy of the country.

Not to mention the reputation of the university named after a global leader being tarnished!

So far, the petition has been supported by 227 students. 

Students’ comments:

The students’ frustration can only be measure by the harsh comments they’re making against the varsity. One student commented, ” I’m signing this petition because I want to get rid of VTU asap!!!! If the delay is being caused for extra marks then take 10 days more but if you are just delaying for fun then let me tell you I got better things to do than just wait for your results !! Only problem is I can’t join my job without it so you people better be quick !!”

Another commented, “please give the result at least by the end of this month. hopefully do not correct papers in such a way that it is certain for the students to put for re valuation, just becz your facing huge financial crisis dont pity innocent and humble vtu students..God please save us!”

One of the students cited the delay in results causing problems to his further career prospects saying, “I am going to be pursuing my masters this august. How can I go ahead without knowing the result?please give the results asap!”

VTU responds:

Reacting to the students’ inquiries, the varsity yesterday issued an statement through social media saying that the results will be announced by next week. However, VTU failed to provide any confirm dates for the declaration.

The University also released an notification saying that due to the technical issues, the documents such as duplicate marks cards, consolidated marks cards, degree certificates and few other documents will NOT be issued between 25th July to 27th July. You can checkout the notice here.


  • VTU worst administration and management. Why do you people play with students’ life? worst valuation they correct the papers as per theIr mental tunes. they don’t bother about students’ feelings. They took months together to give this worst results and its all money making business. my son applied for revaluation and also got the photo copy of the paper. His HOD checked it and confirmed he will get another 13 marks. but these idiots have given the revaluation results as no change and made him fail in that subject. do you know how it hurts the student?
    What you people think of yourself. being in a responsible position and you all are teachers you structures the students life but acting very irresponsibly. che very bad of you people. you are all ruining students careers. bull shit

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