VTU Results 2017 6th Sem Declared Today, Update on 7th Sem Result

April 30, 2017 Update: VTU 6th semester results 2017 have been announced official today at results.vtu.ac.in. 6th sem B.E. results can be accessed at official website now using their University seat number.

The varsity informed of the same via their official Twitter account.

April 26, 2017, Update: VTU has released the time table for crash course exams 2017. VTU is conducting crash course exams for 5th and 7th semester students now so that these students don’t have to take two exams at a time.  After the results were announced, all students under crash course/extricating semester know about their eligibility to the semesters they’re studying. Colleges know it too now. The results of these crash courses which will be held in May 2017 month (5th/7th sem crash course), will be out with the results of regular June-July exams.

Revaluation Results: VTU crash course revaluation results of application submitted last week will expectedly be announced before the commencement of these 5th/7th crash course exams. These exams start from 13th (practical) and 19th May (theory), so expect results before that time.

VTU crash course exams time table 2017

vtu time table
VTU crash course exams time table 2017 for 5th & 7th semester students.

April 13, 2017, morning update: VTU declared crash course results of 2016-2017 exams for 5th and 6th semester students late night yesterday around 10 pm. You can check the results at VTU results page (results.vtu.ac.in).

VTU result 2017

Update on revaluation and results: VTU revaluation results for crash course students are not going to be out anytime soon as VTU is still in the process of declaring results of odd semester regular exams. The applications for revaluation of crash course answer scripts were taken in March-end for 1st to 4th semester students, so, expect those results by April-end. Nothing is confirmed though as VTU might try to declare those results early to clear out students’ status.

For revaluation of answer scripts of 5th and 6th semester students, the notification regarding that is not out yet. We’ll update here once it is notified.

Update on Odd Semester Results: The results are expected to be to rolled out from this week. More updates here.


April 7, 2017, Evening Update: Some sources (not VTU itself) are pinning that VTU crash course results of the fifth and sixth semester students will be announced on Saturday/Sunday. If indeed the results come, we’ll notify you here and also on our Facebook page. There is also an update for regular exam results, see below for that.

Big News: CBCS scheme has been made compulsory for all students, check the notice here.

March 21, 2017 Update: As we had reported, VTU has finally announce crash course results for 3rd and 4th semester students. The official website results.vtu.ac.in now reads ‘only the result for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester are announced, rest will be declared shortly.”

Now, candidates should note that these are for crash course/extricating semester students, not odd semester regular exam results.

To get updates on CBCS results and regular exam results, go here. For crash course results link at VTU, scroll down.

March 20, 2017, Evening Update: VTU may announce crash course results of 2nd and 3rd year students by today or tomorrow. Keep watch here for updates.

March 16, 2017, Morning Update: Going by the VTU’s notice from yesterday, it is expected that the results of VTU 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semester crash course examinations may be announced within these 3 days of the week. Today is Thursday, expect crash course results on/or before Saturday.

As for results of MBA, MCA, M.Tech and B.E. regular semester exams, VTU has not specified anything. But far-fetched speculations say these results will come by the month-end only.

March 15, 2017, Evening Update: VTU crash course results 2016-2017 for students of 1st and 2nd semester have been declared in the morning. And VTU has issued an official notice too regarding the crash course students results. The notice says that crash course results of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semester students will be out shortly. Stay tuned here, results of the rest of semesters may come within 1-2 days now that VTU is onto it.

Read the notice here:

VTU crash course results

March 15, 2017, 08:54 AM UPDATE: Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) will shortly announce the results of it’s UG/PG programmes. results.vtu.ac.in- the official website for VTU results updated a notice earlier today saying that the results will be declared shortly. How shortly, we’ll know soon. And VTU hasn’t specified whether only VTU crash course results will be out or the regular semester exam results.

Good news is that VTU results for B.E. 1st and 2nd semester have been announced for the students submitted to crash/extricating semester. Here’s the link to check that. Go here for the news of odd sem results.

March 10, 2017, Evening Update: After talking to one VTU official, one of our staff writer found out that crash course results might not get announced this week. Even though solid media outlets had cited last week of results coming last weekend, VTU has not issued any official notice which concerns everybody. Expect results next week.

March 6, 2017, 3:30 PM Update: Citing the buzz there is about results coming today, No. VTU has not issued any notice officially that may confirm the declaration date of results of regular exams or crash courses. The latest update is that crash course results will be out within this week but that too isn’t notified anywhere. We’ll keep you informed here if there’s anything worth knowing for you guys.

March 1, 2017, Evening Update: Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) will announce B.E. crash course results this weekend as per reports. The Registrar, VTU had earlier said that the crash course results were to be out on or before Feb 28 but that didn’t happen. No official notices were issued by VTU regarding the matter. As of now, no date has been set but Bangalore Mirror has exclusively said that results will be out later this weekend.

Feb 27, 8:20 PM Update: VTU results of crash course examinations held during December 2016- January 2017 today on February 28th. In a press meet two days ago, VTU Registrar had said that VTU crash course results 2016-2017 will be announced on or before 28th February, 2017 (Tuesday). As to why I’ve written ‘maybe’, it’s because the news comes from local media and not directly from VTU. ExamsWatch itself has not received any confirmation from the VTU officials even after multiple attempts. Such is the case for results here.

It’s been past 8 pm now and VTU has not declared the results. The results are usually put up around 8-9 pm, so if results are coming, they’ll be up by 9 pm. If not, adieu then. “Don’t trust VTU’ until it issues the results, not a statement. Sorry guys.

There was some widespread rumour about VTU results coming on Monday but as we had reported, that didn’t happen. There’s some possibility that results may not come out today as we are still awaiting official notice regarding the same. But Even if the results don’t come out on Tuesday, declaration is just around the corner, give or take 1-2 days around the said date.

Struggling with the problem of large number of students having backlogs, VTU took the initiative and introduced the crash course classes and the exams; a chance for students to clear their backs. The notification regarding crash courses was issued on December 22, 2016. The classes and exams for crash courses began in December 2016 last week and ended earlier this month.

The move is also said to take the pressure off of revaluation of the answer scripts on such a big scale. Somewhere around 25-30% of VTU students used to apply for revaluation of answer scripts in at least one subject. While the initiative received a warm welcome from students, colleges didn’t seem too keen as many colleges were reported to have shown lacklustre response in holding the crash course classes. VTU even issued notices to those colleges. Many other issues such as fee structure marred the process, but that’s a thing of the past and most of the issued would be cleared off once results come out and VTU addresses the topic.

As for regular VTU B.E. results for odd semester examinations, the declaration of the same will also start soon now. Expect results of VTU B.E/B.Tech, MBA, MCA, M.Tech and other exams to be announced within next few days. The results declaration will wrap-up by March-end.

VTU 1st sem, 3rd sem, 5th sem, and 7th sem results of B.E. regular courses will be announced within next two weeks for all four regions i.e., Belagavi (Belgaum), Mysore, Bengaluru and Kalburgi.

VTU crash course results of all semesters are expected to be out today. The even semester classes have already begun from 13th February.

Note: The official website for checking crash course results is www.vtu.ac.in and it seems that VTU is looking to move it’s results from old URL (results.vtu.ac.in) to new URL (result.vtu.ac.in).

Crash Course III & IV Semester Results 2017- Check Here

The results are usually uploaded in the evening, so come back here then. We’ll update once we have more news here.


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