Vijaya Bank adopts 632 girls, would bear all expenses including abroad education

Vijaya Bank, a public sector bank has adopted 632 girls and is ready to take care of their education. In the last financial year, the bank posted a profit of Rs. 1,547 crore. In the ongoing financial year 2016-17, they are expecting a profit of Rs. 2,000 crore. Along with adopting 632 girls, the bank has also adopted 82 villages across the country. The bank will be providing medical services to these villages.

Vijaya Bank was nationalized in the second phase of nationalization of banks during the year 1980. There are almost 1,900 branches of Vijaya Bank in India which also includes 1,680 ATMs. The total business made by the bank is almost Rs. 2,17,000 crore with a clientele base of over 14 million.

Dr. Kishore Sansi, Managing Director, and CEO of Vijaya Bank said, “We have adopted 632 girls across the country to take care their educational affairs. We would bear all expenses of their education to fulfill these girls most aspirations.”

Vijaya Bank also felicitated the Olympian gymnast Dipa Karmakar during the event. Dr. Kishore further added, “If these girls want to learn abroad or conduct research work, Vijaya Bank would bear all the expenses. In Vijaya Bank’s 85-year history, the bank had opened 1,000 branches till the year 2007. But in the last nine years, with aggressive banking operations, the bank opened 900 new branches – almost 100 annually.”

He also said, “”Of the 350 new branches opened in the last two-three years, each branch has witnessed Rs 20 crore transactions.”

Vijaya Bank has, as of now, adopted 31 villages and is in the process to adopt 50 more villages. This will include a village in Assam and some villages in North East. By adopting these villages, Vijaya Bank will ensure that they get good quality of medical services and the people living in those villages are in direct contact with the physicians which ensures their good health.

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