The time is not ‘right’ to return, says the King of Good Times ‘Vijay Mallya’

vijay mallya
The time is not ‘right’ to return, says the King of Good Times

Billionaire Vijay Mallya says that he is not on a run but at the same time, he does not feel the need to come back to India soon. As per a recent interview given by liquor baron to Sunday Guardian, he is being victimized and that he has not done anything wrong. He was also asked that his sudden departure on March 2 was due to his failure to pay the bank loan, to which he replied that he left India along with a friend due to some personal reasons. He also said that it is not right to say that he ‘escaped’. “It wasn’t a business visit. Lots of people have written that I was carrying seven luggage bags. For two people, I do not think it is too much. I pack heavy. That is how I travel”, he defended himself.

Mallya’s troubles started when Hyderabad court issued a non-bailable warrant against him as he failed to appear before it in a case of cheque dishonor. According to him, it is just a matter of ‘interpretation’, as to why he left before the banks who gave him loans moved to court.

Vijay Mallya, who is also a member of Rajya Sabha, said that he does not want to return to India soon. He further accused media of spreading lies about him. He iterated that he will not get the chance to prove his point. Since he has been branded as a criminal, he does not feel that this is the right time to come back.

When asked about his whereabouts, Mallya replied that he does not think it is right for him to reveal this. He said, “I am no hardened criminal who the authorities need to hunt. For now, I want to feel safe.”

He also mentioned that he will not comment anything on the ongoing issue as his words may turn against himself. “Do not make me a villain. I have the best intentions. I am quiet because I fear my words will be twisted like of others,” he said.

Vijay Mallya is facing a lot of proceedings at the same time over loan of Rs. 9,000 crore from a number of banks. His sudden departure on March 2 has made the matters worse and has also aided a political fight.

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