Vice President Hamid Ansari released a book on Kashmir written by former RAW head

Honourable Vice President of India M. Hamid Ansari released a book entitled “Kashmir The Vajpayee Years” written by Shri A. S. Dulat, co-written with journalist Aditya Sinha. Mr. Dulat is the former head of R&AW and now is in news due to his active participation in political matters. He has also served as an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in Kashmir during Vajpayee government in late 90’s and know much about its internal matters.

kashmir-the-vajpayee-years-book by former raw head
The Cover of the book “Kashmir The Vajpayee Years”

ATAL Region

During the period when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was acting Prime Minister of India, there was a huge conflict going on between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. Kashmir, which was once known for peace and prosperity, was then in huge chaos. The respected pandits of Kashmir was forced to leave the state due to hatred between Hindus and Muslims created by our own neighbors. The cross border insurgency was at peak and caused problems for the Government.

However, Atal Bihari Vajpayee made all efforts to bring back the whole Kashmir, which was shattered by that time. In words of Atal Ji ‘democracy, humanity and Kashmiriyat’ made special places in hearts of young Kashmiris, which had ignited hope for better future.

About the Book :

In his book, Mr. Dulat expressed his experience during the period when he served as an OSD in Kashmir. He mentioned how he was hated for being sent to Kashmir for bringing peace in the state by Agah Ashraf Ali (Kashmiri educationist). Through his book, he tried to show how Kashmir was then tossed between India and Pakistan with no official agencies having control over them. He discussed about how he managed to bring ceasefire when Hizabul Mujahedeen’s wife desperately want to return back to Kashmir.

He described about the peace talks between Hurriyat Moderates and the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government in his book, which usually ends up with no conclusive decisions. There are many truths and lies about 90’s Kashmir. Main topic, which he highlighted in his book was about hijacking of IC-814 which created quite a controversy at that time. He, however, did not mention about the RAW official who was in that flight among the prisoners.

Mr. Dulat disclosed many such things in his book. Kidnapping, extortion, releasing of militants, covert operations and many more facts, which never came in attention to common people was the roots for such destruction. In short, author has covered all the aspects of the Vajpayee government, the strategies used, true intentions and ruthlessness from across the border.

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