Uttarakhand High Court rejects 64 expelled IIT-Roorkee student’s appeal

IIT-Roorkee had expelled some 73 students for their poor performance in the semester exams. The students had appealed to the High Court for their sake. Now the latest news is, Uttarakhand High Court rejected petition of those 64 students challenging the decision of IIT-Roorkee in removing them, as they had scored less than five Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) in the semester exam.

uttarakhand high court decision on expelled IIT roorkee students

But Justice Alok Singh directed IIT Roorkee to reconsider its decision over two students who were expelled inspite of getting more than five CGPA. According to IIT Roorkee rules, students must have CGPA above five and minimum credit of 22 points.

According to Mr. Vipul Sharma, advocate for IIT-Roorkee, out of 73 students, 64 students moved the high court challenging the decision of IIT-Roorkee. The institute would now reconsider its decision on those students who had scored more than five CGPA in the semesters. This is as per the order from High Court.

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Vipul Sharma further added that, the High Courts order is in the IIT-Roorkee’s favour, but would wait for the copy of the judgement.

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