Uttarakhand Govt Formulates Bill To Regulate Fee in Private Schools

Uttarakhand government is preparing a bill to regulate fee structure in private schools and the bill is expected to be introduced in the winter session of Assembly. The report has been confirmed by Chief Minister’s media-in-charge, Surendra Kumar. He also informed that the bill would power the government to take action against faulty school management.

bill to regulate fee in private schools

M C Joshi, Secretary, department of school education said, “Under the proposed law currently being formulated, the fee structure of the privately run schools will be decided by an authority.” The authority would consist of seven panel member, headed by a retired judge and would be named as Fee Control and Disposal of Complaints Authority.

He also expressed his view that the government might also consider to frame an ordinance aimed to regulate the fee structure in private schools. He added, “That (ordinance) option would be exercised only if it won’t be possible for us to enact the proposed Fee Control and Disposal of Complaints Act in the next assembly session,” he said.

Joshi said the proposed law would also have a provision for an appellate authority. He also assured that the proposed law would not be used against the owners of private schools, but only in fixing the much needed demand of parents.

Surendra Kumar said, “The proposed Fee Control and Disposal of Complaints Bill will be introduced in the state assembly’s coming session to be held at Gairsain in November. Those managing privately run schools, if caught flouting the proposed law, will be fined up to Rs 1 lakh or might even face a jail term.”

All Uttarakhand Parents’ Association (AUPA) has welcomed the move taken by CM Harish Rawat led government. The association has been protesting on a regular basis against the issues like hike in tuition fees, allotting designated retailers to purchase textbooks and school-uniforms by private schools.

The association has claimed that some private day schools charge fees as high as Rs 5,000 a month along with other charges, the fee structure of boarding schools being much higher.

A similar law was passed by Tamil Nadu government in 2009. Kejriwal government has also framed a draft bill to monitor fee structure of private schools in Delhi.

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