US universities dominate in Academic Ranking of World Universities 2015

In a recent survey by Chinese Research Center, universities from the United States of America hold the top most positions of world university rankings. According to the Ranking of World University report of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 8 out of top 10 universities across the world are from United States with virtually no change in their earlier rankings.

us universities tops academic ranking of world universities 2015
Harvard University, still the best as per Academic ranking of World Universities 2015

In an official report by the Chinese institution, which ranks the top 500 institutions from all over the globe was made public. Out of top ten universities, eight universities from United States of America hold their position with Harvard University at the top in world ranking. Successively Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Cambridge University, California Institute of Technology, Princeton University and University of Oxford rank after them.

The US university ranking has remained unchanged with over 17 university in top 20 in comparison to the rankings of previous year whereas China has 32 university ranked in top 500 prominent universities from across the globe. Considering the overall performance, there are 151 universities from USA which ranks in top 500 list of world ranking.

Although Chinese consider these ranking of the universities to be the most trustworthy, the European thinks that this ranking is biased in nature with only two universities from Europe in top 20 world ranking. With only 37 universities from United Kingdom in top 500 rankings, a history professor from Oxford University, Howard Boston thinks that the ranking should be more precise between UK and US considering the large population of US and annual spending on the education system.

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Only two of the European Universities, which could make it to the top 20 are University College, London and Swiss federally Institute of Technology, Zurich. Official from Chinese research center from Shanghai Jiao Tong University stated that the rankings were completely based on the performance and transparent methodology.

Director General of Russell Group, Wendy Piatt said that in order to stay in front the UK universities must ‘fend off fierce competition from countries like China and Germany’.

Only few numbers of the universities from Asia region made it to the top ranking such as University of Tokyo, which ranked 21st and Kyoto University, which ranked 26 both from Japan, have managed to grab a place in top 100 ranking.

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