US to provide 70 Million Dollars aid to Pakistan under Let Girls Learn initiative

Educated girls are those women who strengthen their families, communities and countries to which they belong. US will offer USD 70 million aid in coordination with the Government of Pakistan, the amount will be provided to Pakistan so as to advance adolescent girls’ education in Pakistan as part of the ‘Let Girls Learn‘ initiative. The ‘Joint US-Pakistan Let Girls Learn’ program is itself a golden chance for the United States to work with the government of Pakistan and civil society leaders to empower adolescent girls in Pakistan.

The announcement was made by First Lady Michelle Obama during an event at the White House with Mrs. Kalsoom Nawaz, spouse of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Mrs. Maryam Safdar, daughter of Pakistani PM.

michelle obama with kalsoom nawaj sharif
Michelle Obama with Kalsoom Nawaj Sharif and Maryam Safdar during the announcement

First Lady said, “But I want to be clear that today’s announcement is actually part of a much bigger story about global girls’ education – a story that started last spring here, at least for us, at the White House when the President and I launched our new initiative called Let Girls Learn.”

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As per the ongoing US aid programs their main aim is to benefit more than 200,000 adolescent girls aged 10-19. At the White House event US First Lady Michelle Obama said, “Building on Pakistan’s commitment to double education spending, the US will be investing USD 70 million to educate adolescent girls in Pakistan.”

Let Girls Learn is an initiative on the part of the U.S. Government which involves the Department of State USAID, the Peace Corps and others to make sure that adolescent girls receive the education they deserve.

Let Girls Learn will grab all the golden chances to strengthen public-private partnerships and further associate with other development partners to increase and advance girls’ education and empowerment. In the long run, the Joint US-Pakistan Let Girls Learn program will act as a medium for broader political and social commitment to strengthen adolescent girls’ education and empowerment in Pakistan. In the present scenario, young women of Pakistan face barriers and lack of access to education opportunities right from the childhood. The main reasons cited for this are poverty, cultural norms, and geographic isolation.

Further Michelle told that with this funding, construction of more than a dozen new schools and rehabilitate hundreds of others would be done. Further she said, “We are going to be setting up health screenings for thousands of girls to ensure they are getting the medical care they need. We will be funding skills-training programmes and college scholarships for girls.” This investment represents a major milestone and bliss for the girls of Pakistan and Pakistan as a whole.

USAID Acting Administrator Alfonso E. Lenhardt said, “By increasing access to educational opportunities during the critical time of adolescence, this important initiative will be transformative for Pakistan, empowering young women to overcome barriers and lift themselves out of poverty. We look forward to continuing to work with the Government of Pakistan and our partners around the world to ensure girls everywhere get the education they deserve.”

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