US Judge orders Apple to help in cracking iPhone, again

In another case on Friday, Apple has been ordered to help crack into an iPhone in the name of fighting crime. The government of US is trying hard to help in cracking the iPhone in a drug case in New York.

us apple encryption battle

The Justice Department had filed a letter in a US district court on Friday telling the judge that it wants help of Apple in extracting pictures, text messages and other kind of digital data from an iPhone which has already been used by someone. The US magistrate had signed an order in the month of February asking Apple to get them the data from an iPhone which was confiscated last year.

Besides this, the court documents were unsealed on Friday. This was done to show that Apple had refused an order where help was needed to break into the iPhone by the police investigating into the matter. The US government is still pressing hard on the tech giant over this matter.

The Justice Department lawyers said, “The government continues to require Apple’s assistance in accessing the data that it is authorized to search by warrant.”

FBI and the US Drug Enforcement Agency together went to court in New York to compel Apple to help it break into an iPhone which was confiscated in June 2014 from a suspected methamphetamine trafficker. The US government sought the help of Apple under the All Writs Act, that gives wide latitude to law enforcement. Apple immediately challenged the order of the court on legal grounds, saying that it cannot unlock the phone because it is powered by the iOS 9 software with updated security features.

A deadline was also given to Apple, which seemed to be missed by the tech giant. But, later, a lower court spoke on behalf of the Apple, saying that the law enforcement lacked the authority to compel the company to comply.

The US Magistrate Judge said, “The relief the government seeks is unavailable because Congress has considered legislation that would achieve the same result but has not adopted it.”

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