US Education Department dismissed Asian’s complaint against Harvard University

A complaint has been filed against Harvard University that brought allegations against Ivy League Institution for racial discrimination earlier this year. Americans who have their roots in Asia came out with the complaint stating allegations for illegal prejudice. But recently, the US department of Education dismissed the accusations that originated from a group consisting of 64 Asian-American people.

racial discrimination in harvard university
Harvard University

A complaint with total 50 pages was submitted to Department of Education along with Department of Justice’s for Civil Rights Division. The entire incident took place in May and the case was filed on behalf of students who come out with the Asian origin.

Voice from India

Among 64 organizations, there were 4 communities representing Indo-American association. The particular community comprises of Engineers from Indian origin, Alumni of BIT Sindri from Northern India, National Federation of Indian American Association and Global Organization consisting of people from Indian origin along with Los Angeles chapter.

So, these are the 4 areas where the Indians divulge their existence and even came out with the voice of protest. A report that was published by Harvard Crimson that’s official University paper already revealed that the authority is going to dismiss all the allegations.

The ultimate verdict is however yet to come and lawyers representing the case requested to withhold the decision for some time until a final verdict comes up. In the mean time, US Supreme Court has agreed to review the matter for second time that represents a real assenting action. Zaho revealed the words “We are considering expanding the scope of our complaint” in the Crimson report adding some another words “there are lots of other Ivy League schools discriminating against Asians.” And the entire organization stated “Racial discrimination based on racial quotas, stereotypes and prejudices are other important factors because the discrimination Asian-Americans have suffered is more severe than that suffered by white Americans, another racial group not favored by Affirmative Action” in their complaint.

It has been stated that many brilliants are being rejected to study at Harvard University only because they are of Asian origin. Ivy League Colleges and other similar institutions executed the similar process and students were deprived from their rights and they were not able to make their dreams come true.

Due to such discrimination, it has become difficult for Asian-Americans to continue their studies building up the glorifying career.

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