US Collaborates With India To Provide Skill Training Education To Students

Skill training education

The reason behind the US- India strategic partnership is the strong pillar of Education. Hon’Ble Prime Minister just returned from his visit to United States, his second in as many years during which he addressed world leaders at a Landmark UN Sustainable Summit and attended ‘Startup Konnect‘ at Silicon Valley.

As soon as Prime Minister visited United States, then and there itself good news followed in queue. The first good news was that in association with Udacity, Google will launch online courses in India. Another good news is: United States has agreed to collaborate with India on numerous education related projects so as to help India’s ambitious skill development programme achieve its goal of providing quality training to somewhere around 400 million people in the upcoming next decade.

The State Department of Washington said, “We recognise that higher education and vocational training are essential to economic development, and we remain committed to strengthening our exchanges of students, scholars, and technical knowledge.”

The United States stated, “The newly launched six-week Community College Administrator Program, sponsored by the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, began on September 20 this year.”

Under this program, Indian administrators from post-secondary vocational and technical institutions and Indian officials with higher education planning responsibilities have come together to participate. The program is related to professional development and is being conducted by Florida State University and Santa Fe College.

Above all this, United States has also launched a study tour for officials who belong to Indian state level skill development firms to visit US to study the US network of community colleges. This has been done so with the objective of making experts build a more effective vocational education system in the state.

Since ages, US has been in partnership with Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Further the US Agency for International Development (USAID) is planning to extend its support to the IIT Gandhinagar in collaboration with Duke University and Research Triangle International

The State Department further added, “By convening the expertise of US higher education institutions, USAID is advancing the goal of January 2015 bilateral joint declaration of intent on providing support to IITs to intensify collaborations in research and development and its engagement with industry and entrepreneurship.”

A Memorandum of Understanding to enhance Indo-US cooperation on standards and conformity assessment was signed on September 25, 2015 between The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Joe Bhatia, President of ANSI said, “The MoU would cover areas such as smart cities and infrastructure, renewable energy, water and sanitation while also enhancing the scope of the standards portal that was created by both organisations in partnership with the Indian Bureau of Industrial Standards in 2007.”

In lieu of the USIEF- administered Fulbright specialist programme, a program of the Ministry of Human Resources Development under Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN), the US said its intention is to look into its expansion. The expansion initiative is been taken so that more American professors get the opportunity to conduct trainings and workshops in Indian institutes of higher education and advance our shared goal of increased technical exchanges.

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