Urdu to be a subject in Marathi-medium schools from class VI

Maharashtra government has announced that Urdu will be introduced as an optional language from class VI. The decision has been taken to include the subject in early class itself in Marathi medium schools. In Maharashtra, Urdu is spoken by a significant bunch. However, the government does not have any plan of spending some extra money on this and also the government is not willing to appoint more teachers for the same.

According to a senior official, “Marathi medium schools that want to provide Urdu as an optional subject will have to tie up with Urdu medium schools so that teachers from the latter can come and teach the language to their students.” The official further added, “As per the current syllabus, students of Marathi medium schools can learn only Marathi, English and Hindi till class VIII. It is only from Class VIII that students can choose optional languages from a list of subjects, including Urdu. Due to this arrangement, many non-Marathi students, especially those who follow Urdu as their mother tongue, don’t get in-depth, official education of their own language.”

As per the research, there are at least five students in every school who are ready to opt for this subject. Keeping this in mind, the government has decided to offer this subject right from class VI in Marathi medium schools. All these schools are run by Zila Parishad and Municipal Corporations.

Initially, this plan will be introduced by the government in 100 schools only. And all these schools will be the ones where Urdu is spoken by maximum population. By doing this, it will help in getting teachers as there will be no issue of the availability of teachers.

A list will be soon sent to the government where it will be mentioned about the schools where Urdu is spoken maximum. A research done by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, of all the schools in the state, 83.3% are Marathi medium, 9.6% are English medium and 4.7% are Urdu medium schools.

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