University of Kashmir will develop four model schools in the State

University of Kashmir will develop four model schools in the StateUniversity of Kashmir has taken a new decision of adopting four Government schools and developing them into Model Schools. This decision, influenced by the State Education Minister Naeem Akhtar, was announced on this Saturday. As an official stated, this decision was announced by Vice Chancellor of University of Kashmir, Prof. Khurshid Andrabi during the time when Education Minister was visiting the area.

Education is undergoing a lot of changes lately. Apart from this decision, a number of new concepts have been introduced during last few months to redefine education system in the State. As Naeem Akhtar said more, this concept of model schools and more effective classes is a part of this initiative. He further explained in details that University of Kashmir is yet to take at least four schools in both Ganderbal and Budgam districts and develop them adding all necessary equipments in them as model educational institutions.

He said that prestigious educational institutions like NIT and other such institutions have agreed to join them hand in hand in this pursuit and adopt parts of these schools in their special areas.

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Minister provided with more insight about the details of Universities that are going to join in this endeavor. He said that Institutions like University of Jammu, Central University Jammu and numerous other institutions have agreed to help and take selected schools in their catchment areas for a complete developmental makeover.

The scheme will demand ample physical infrastructure to carry out proper upgradation of these schools to proposed model schools. Higher Secondary schools are only taken in account for these procedures. As the minister said, these schools are going to get through a complete makeover in all the arenas of schooling. School environments are to be nurtured by involving children in co-curricular activities and they are to enrich the academics more by using methods related to human resources.

These new model schools are going to get a true complete makeover, as said by Minister earlier. These schools shall have a flag, a school anthem or something special that will distinguish them from other schools and it will provide a sense of belonging among students and staffs.

Akhtar added more that they will be making these model schools system in accordance with reputed private schools. He assures that there will be no lacking of efficiency and esteemed teaching staffs in new government schools. This is the time perhaps private schools are going to face serious competition in Kashmir.

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