Universities offering Distance Education courses may face tough time ahead

distance-education-coursesRecently, it was in the news whether UGC recognition is mandatory for the distance education courses or the online courses. Letters were also sent to the ministry concerning the same matter. Acting on the issue, the ministry has finally told the UGC to take strict actions, if required and make sure that all the courses that are offered are recognized by the UGC.

A lot of people, either while working in an organization or because of any other reason pursue distance education. The most common reason is to gain on the job training from a reputed institute. All these courses are available at varying costs and according to their choice. They can also access these courses from any part of the world. And this distance education industry is growing at a fast pace now. All the students nowadays do not take a break from their work life and dedicate a certain period of time for pursuing education.

But, at the same time, it has become important to ensure that the rules and regulations are followed by all the online education bodies. Based on the orders given out by the HRD Ministry, the universities that are offering correspondence courses outside the rules set by the UGC will soon be facing a tough time. It has also ordered UGC to file FIRs against Vice Chancellors so that it helps in safeguarding the interests of a number of students that might not know the truth behind the education system. It has also been seen that there is no one particular body that is looking after the online education system in India, hence, this has caused a lot of problem.

It is a rule that all the universities, whether government or private, can offer online education within their region only. In case they do so, all the certificates that they offer to the students becomes invalid in that case. It is also being said with this order out, a lot of universities will be in trouble. Some of those universities are Sikkim Manipal University, Karnataka State Open University.

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