Understanding the French Digital Plan for Education

The Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research has jotted down key points for its commitment towards combining the power of digital learning within the education system and to achieve this ambitious goal, the ministry is ready with its biggest national digital plan for education. The plan was announced by French President François Hollande on May 7, last year when he also announced that the digital plan is a Presidential Priority.

french digital plan for education
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The Ministry of Education have joined hands with regional/local public authorities to implement the digital plan across the length and breadth of the country. The Ministry is working over these points :

Teacher’s training : 3-day training course in computer science, digital project management, digital applications in lesson plans and teaching practices and digital literacy. As per the data, 260,000 teachers have applied for online training programmes. There are more than 100 online training programmes that have been development for teachers.

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The education department of France has prepared the digital plan for 3 years under which digital devices and resources will be provided to middle school students and teachers. The department has set up the target to cover total 800,000 grade 7 pupils by the end of year 2018.

Research teams and companies have been called to work on developing digital applications in schools. The ministry has allocated 30 million euros to the E-Fran programme to further extend its support to the digital learning process.

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