UN bars key groups representing gay and transgender rights from its global meet

The United Nations has barred nearly 25 NGOs representing transgender and gay rights from participating in its global meet. The blacklisted non governmental organisations were voted against in a general consensus by the 193 members. 560 NGOs are to participate in the two day meeting scheduled on June 8.

Among the barred organisations are Pangaea Global, Color Pink a group that supports gay and transgender people in Jamaica, and a Russian group Esvero which works with drug users.

Russia, Cameroon, Tanzania and the Islamic Cooperation voted against the inclusion of these groups in the meet. The initial list was of 39 groups but was later shortened to 22 after Danish diplomat, the president of the GA Mogens Lykketoft spoke up for them.

Of the 22 barred at least 16 would still be able to attend as part of other accredited organizations.

The barred groups wrote to the heads of the General Assembly and Unaids expressing their “profound outrage” at being excluded.

They said, “By excluding organisations from these communities, the General Assembly is sending a terrible message to the world that it is prepared to let discrimination and prejudice yet again hamper our collective efforts to end AIDS.”

Michel Sidibe executive director of the Joint United Nations Program has said in an email that was seen by the New York Times that ” the list of excluded groups are many organisations that courageously and effectively speak to the needs of key population groups.”

“It will be impossible to end the AIDS epidemic as a public health threat without much closer involvement of key population groups in planning and delivering services.” he said.

The United Nations has been increasingly discriminating against gay rights, though it’s Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon speaks out expressively FOR the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender communities.

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