UK to reconsider post-study work visas facilities for Indian students

The United Kingdom (UK) has re-instated to restore the post-study work visa facility for Indian students to facilitate capsizing the trend of declining rate of students worldwide, coming to their country intended for higher studies. According to the government officials, the strategy pertinent at present is going to be appraised in order to curtail the ill-effects.

Confirming a decline of roughly 50% in the total number of Indian students visiting UK for higher studies, the post-study work policy analysis now states that international students can possibly work for at least two years in UK, after completion of their studies in the country. As per reports, the facility was crumbed by the UK government in 2012, which resulted in the decline of students worldwide.

Owing to UK’s stern visa policy, other opponent countries offering further lucrative post-study job prospects have gained as students favor such countries to chase higher studies. It is a failure for UK institutes as well as students who are dispirited to adhere to the world-class UK establishments. Likewise, there is a brain-drain of expert candidates from UK. UK’s present post-study work policy is incapable to accommodate sufficiently to the requirements of companies and impinge on the education segment negatively. As a result, the country is losing out on the revenue it can get from foreign students in addition to its repute as a preferred target for higher education.

UK Post study work visa for indian students

Thus, UK is eager on the come-back of the post-study work visa, in a proposition to win back the diminishing Indian student population as ties amidst the two nations will be enhanced with more and more Indian students coming to UK to study.

Overseas applicants cover 10% of first degree students and over 40% of postgraduate (PG) students at UK varsities. Besides, they do not occupy seats that would otherwise be engaged by UK students. Such students shell out more than UK students and therefore support the academic structure in the UK.

Global students in UK hail from 190-plus nations. The UK is just after the United States (US) vis-à-vis the total numbers and multiplicity of international students in its higher education institutes. On the whole, throughout the academic year 2013-2014, worldwide students put in around £1,003 million in fees to London varsities. According to a new study, international students contribute approximately 2.3 billion Pounds to the British financial system annually.

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Scotland too, is working on introducing an extraordinary post-study work visa facility for Indian students, that will permit such students to work for a minimum of two years in Scotland, after completing their studies in the country. It will also mull over reinstating the Fresh Talent Working in Scotland Scheme visa, which will be intended for Indian students to follow their studies in a Scottish institute after which they can work in Scotland only. Glasgow’s Fresh Talent Working in Scotland Scheme visa was launched in 2005, which facilitated students from Scottish educational institutes to settle back in the country for two years in order to work and expand professional skills. The proposal was included into the UK-wide Tier 1 visa in 2008, which was later done away with in 2012.

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Reports say that, after UK customized its immigration policy, Scotland has observed approximately 63% decline in new contestants from India going for Scottish academic institutes, between 2010 to 2011 and 2013 to 2014.

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