UK Seeking Shanghai Guidance in Maths

By | July 7, 2018

UK Seeking Shanghai Guidance in Maths, Shanghai-style maths lessons to be taught in UK schools, UK School Uses Shanghai Guidance in Maths 

UK Seeking Shanghai Guidance in Maths

Maths is an interesting subject where one can gain good IQ. But many students feel maths is a tough subject and struggle hard to understand and score in it. United Kingdom is one among the countries which feel maths a tough subject. In order to solve that, they are following Shanghai – style to make it easier. Shanghai style is Chinese – style method of teaching maths to students.

Gibbs, who has been pushing the tutorial exchange plan for over a year, set to hunt steering in China when a frank assessment of the United Kingdom’s recent raft of testing knowledge. The survey showed that Shanghai had the very best mathematical action levels within the world, whereas England had fallen to a dissatisfactory twenty sixth place within the international rankings. Still additional shocking, the poorest half-hour of Shanghai’s kids performed at identical level because the richest simple fraction of English tykes. Initially Gibb invited 68 secondary mathematics teachers from Shanghai to England to teach maths for three weeks and then after the students started to be very interactive.

Nick Gibb, UK school minister announced that more than 80,000 primary schools i.e., half of the total number of schools in England are going to adopt this “maths mastery approach” also known as “Shanghai – style” method for teaching maths. They have set this system as the standard to learn maths in British classrooms. United Kingdom government have strongly fixed to bring this style of teaching maths to England’s primary schools. For this they thought to fund £41 million. This was mainly aimed to improve the maths skills of British people whose numeracy levels are still less than their Asian parts.

UK School Uses Shanghai Guidance in Maths 

To achieve this, they need teachers from China and they brought nearly 130 Chinese teachers to United Kingdom in order to take classes to these students and make it easier for them. After adopting this Gibb strongly believed and stated that “after taking this step young people will properly prepare for their further studies and the too – often struggling phase can’t do maths is going to the past”.

Reports say that 15 – years old children in Shanghai have three times more numeracy levels than British counterparts. The school minister has advocated British colleges introducing the Chinese “chalk and talk” maths method since late 2014. In March, Mr Gibb visited Shanghai to find out from its maths academics. So far, nearly a hundred thirty Chinese maths academics have cosmopolitan to the United Kingdom for maths teaching exchanges. The education departments is expecting that, within four years, this huge amount of investment is going to bring hundreds of local teachers to be trained to teach maths and 35 maths hubs will be established in schools of British.

A senior co-ordinator of China – United Kingdom maths exchange scheme D. L V Jiexin from Shanghai normal university believed that “this new policy of Shanghai style of teaching maths is not a pure copy paste of Chinese maths teaching but it is a part of government service to improve maths skills to their citizens.   Check Latest Update at

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