UK Revises Visa Policy Students Allowed To Stay For 6 Months After Degree

By | June 19, 2018

UK Revises Visa Policy

The revised policies of UK visa are very useful for the students who are studying the United Kingdom. As per the new rules released by the UK government, a student can stay back for another six months as well after their student visa period completed. An international student who came to the UK on Tier-4 visa it is possible to him stay up until the completion of course period plus four months if he wants to switch over to Tier -2 visas. This is just because the students must need to have a small timeframe to find a job in the UK. Also, in the students who completed their degree and opted for higher education had to wait for their thesis to be marked and a degree to be awarded. Because of this reason, UK revises visa policy and allowed the students to stay for extra 6 months after completion of their degree.

After a long conversation between the UK universities, immigration experts and the Government of the United Kingdom this revised policy is released for the sake of students 

Generally, the Tier-4 visa is issued for a long-term study course which is more than 12 months. Yes, of course, this is calculated as (Duration plus four months). If the students are unable to find a job within the duration according to the UK revised visa policy for students they had to return to their home country.

UK Revises Visa Policy

Relief result of talks between UK univs, govt

As per the new rules, the student can stay back for another six months after their respective study period. Internal students can get more flexible time to get switching over to work visa. They can also apply for the switch over to Tier-2 visa as soon as they completed their course. This will help them to search for good work. And the new rule will enable them to apply for a Tier-2 visa a few months earlier.

This act is very useful to the students who are holding Tier -4 visas are not yet obtained their degree and willing to switch over to Tier -2 Visa. Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor suggested in his blueprint paper “Immigration, a future approach” about a new category of post-study work visa which should be different from the Tier -2 visa route and enable students to work in the UK for one to two years after the completion of their graduation.

uk student visa new rules for indian students 2018

The Home office launched a Tier 4 visa pilot scheme, to support applications from talented students from across the world who is interested to join and eligible for a one-year masters course at Imperial and three other UK universities will get another six months of extension of visa.

As per Imperial’s President Professor Alice Gast: “International students are a priority for Imperial and they add to our diverse community in myriad ways. They bring creative and work hard, entrepreneurial and academic excellence.  He also said that “This pilot scheme is an encouraging step forward.  The ability to stay on further six months will bring more benefits to the students and to the country as our talented graduates will be able to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas, further study or addon to the UK’s talent pool.”

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