UGC restricts the use of animals for research in laboratories

UGC has directed all the government sponsored universities to stop using animals in the laboratories for research purposes. This is the best initiative the government could have taken to prevent animals from being mistreated. A large number of animals are dissected everyday in laboratories in name of research work. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) actively supports the initiative taken by UGC.

ugc restricts the use of animals in research work
The initiative has been widely supported by PETA

Previously teachers were allowed to dissect animals while students were monitored in the right way. On the other hand, post-graduation students themselves had to perform dissection that’s really a painful situation. Also, indiscriminate use of animals in laboratories, which were directly pulled from their natural habitat affects the ecological balance. Considering this UGC implemented new guidelines that no animals would be used for dissection purpose.

Academician’s point of view :

Professors in Anatomy department do not think that this would help students learn the actual purpose of dissecting an animal, that is to understand the concept. According to them, there is no alternative to vivisection (a practice of experimenting on live animals). One can never understand the texture of viscera with help of digital process or simulation. Whereas many other professional are agreeing to the fact that animal dissection should be banned in universities. The use of animals in large number also leads to the decrease in animal population and even students think that this is the right step towards future of animal protection.

Most of the time animals carry harmful diseases with them that might affect students who are practicing vivisection. However, countless animals for example monkeys, rats, rabbits and many other small animals are tortured in many ways in name of research work. Researchers cut them, poisoned them, even cuts them open while they are still alive.

In order to stop animals from being tortured anymore, UGC has put forth strict guidelines of not using animals anymore. UGC also has asked universities to include subjects on animal ethics in order to increase awareness among the students.

Although no one can actually say what impact these guidelines will have on education structure but UGC is sure enough that if taken care then these guidelines will help to reduce animal cruelty in India.

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