UGC receives 6.18 crore for providing wi-fi facility across Universities

India is gradually improving its digital arena. This improvement has started a few years ago from various projects taken up by Government of India. A newer addition to that is the Digital India initiative by Modi Government. A feather is added on the crown again. UGC, University Grant Commission has granted Rs. 6.18 crore for turning campuses into Wifi zone.

ugc to provide wi-fi facility

HRD, Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani has been heard saying in her letter to Lok Sabha that a total of 85,335 government colleges and government supported secondary and higher secondary schools have been enlisted for this project. They have decided on a name for this project as well, ‘Campus Connect’.

This initiative was mainly taken up by UGC for giving students free access to the internet so that they can download educational articles and improve their knowledge base. They can enhance their skills by checking online articles on the subjects that are being taught to them or more. Even though, it stands a very relevant question if this initiative will be really successful with students who have serious internet addiction. UGC seems to be optimistic about their Campus Connect project and they are certain that this will benefit the students one way or the other.

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Smriti Irani said more about this project, among schools there is a section under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhijan (RMSA) for granting financial assistance to the States/UTs for internet connection to government supported schools both secondary and higher secondary among other ICT related initiatives.

Apart from Campus Connect, UGC has been keeping other issues in mind as well and implementing their solutions as they come. University Grant Commission instructed colleges and universities under its authority to urgently implement steps to end gender inequality. The earlier step by UGC was to ban use of harmful chemicals on animal skin, all over UGC has been maintaining a good face promoting positive activities through education.

Another great step taken by UGC will be asking the HRD Ministry to provide relaxation to specific Ph.D holders, the ones who are registered before the year 2009. It would be both highly beneficial to the Ph.D holders and to the college and university education sector for applying for teaching jobs in universities will be easy as breeze for them now.

On the darker side of the moon, huge number of teachers, approximately 10 lakh have been under recurrent threat of letting go off their jobs since UGC’s 2009 regulation on minimum qualification required for teaching in colleges and universities arose controversies and Supreme Court’s order is still pending on this case.

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