UGC plans to stop Universities and institutions’ autocracy on collecting high entrance exam fees

University Grants Commission (UGC) has shown its strict face when it said to take a severe measure on the fees of application form of private universities and institutions. This issue came when UGC noticed that some institutions are charging relatively higher application fees when the expense of conduct of the exam is taken into consideration.
UGC felt that these institutions are basically earning money in the name of the application form. However, the issue of application form fees has been taken into consideration for the first time. UGC has strictly conveyed that the application form cost should be as per the basis of requirement. It should not exceed the expense which is required to conduct the exam.

It has been noticed that some prestigious institutions like BITS, VIT, and SRM are charging around Rs. 2000 for its application form. While CBSE charges only Rs 500 to conduct to conduct JEE Mains exam. This data raises question – Why this difference occurs?

This is a serious problem for middle-class students who usually fill multiple forms to apply for engineering or MBA courses. The expense of application form used to burn out pocket during exam session. Even some students do not take the risk to fill this form of some examination on seeing the cost of the form.

On seeing the indifference, the UGC came to this decision. And, it clearly mentions that if any institution would found out to violate this rule strict action will be taken and it may lead to the cancellation of affiliation of respective institutes.

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