UGC offers ‘Anti-plagiarism software’ to 100 Universities, Periyar University adopts

Periyar University Vice Chancellor C SwaminathanUniversity Grants Commission has sanctioned the anti-plagiarism software “URKUND” free to 100 universities across the nation. Recently, the software was commissioned at Periyar University, Tamil Nadu. Vice-Chancellor C. Swaminathan was present at the event and said that the particular initiative undertaken by UGC to stop plagiarism in research sector is commendable.

Vice-chancellor Swaminathan expressed his gratitude towards University Grants Commission for the sanction of the software to fight intrusion in the research work. Now-a-days literary theft has gained acceleration in research areas across the world and hence it has become need of the hour to stop the malpractice. Mr. Swaminathan took the opportunity to encourage the faculty and research scholars for original research at the event. He was of the opinion that if researchers were and had integrity in their work, there would be no need for the plagiarism detection software.

He also mentioned that the promotion of research work in Periyar University had helped the university to multifold its standard. In past 5 years, 302 stuents have been awarded Doctor of Philosophy and 1439 students were awarded Master of Philosophy in Periyar University. Faculty of the university has completed 106 research projects with various funding agencies. 101 books and 3017 articles had been published in leading periodicals across the world, out of which 1180 were cited in Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature.

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Periyar University possesses the NAAC accreditation with ‘A’ by the Commission, rating 3.15 out of 4 points.

The anti-plagiarism software ‘Urkund’ has been developed by PrioInfo, a swedish company. Information & Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre, an autonomous Inter-University Centre of Univrsity Grants Commission of India has selected the software from M/s. eGalactic, Pune through the global tender process. ‘Shodhganga’ project, started by UGC looks over maitaining the standards in the research work submitted by affiliated universities and the anti-plagiarism software has been provided to the universities under the same project. Librarian of Periyar University Mr. Subramanian said that the software is available at the library and the faculty members can use the software simply by logging in with their username.

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