UGC launches scholarship for single girl child in Post-Graduate courses

We all are aware of the fact that India is a male dominant country, generations are getting literate and the scenario is getting change but at a very lower pace. The position of a girl in many states in India are still pathetic and as a result the sex ratio of girls is very low as compared to boys. The females are even compelled to conceive male kid.

We all are aware of the fact that at the end of the day we all are human and as many human resources invest the more the country’s development increases.

So in order to have a better rising scale, the upliftment of women is the biggest concern.

UGC scholarship for single girl child

Thus it is necessary to educate every girl, so that she can understand how important her contribution is there in the society. With education only, a woman can be bold and courageous enough to fight with the irregularities going on.

Hence The Govt. of India declared elementary education as a basic human right of every child. . The Union Government of India has made different moves to elevate the status of ladies by actualizing different plans including free training for young ladies.

Thus to uplift the women UGC has launched a Post Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child with a plan to repay direct expenses of girl education to all levels particularly for such young ladies who happen to be single girl child of their family.


  • The girls who are deprived of the facilities but are talented can avail the opportunity to have a bright future.
  • It is an indirect way of elevating the position of a woman.
  • A promotion towards highlighting the education in research fields.
  • An accelerator in the improvement of human resources.
  • Improvising the economic progress.


To highlight the post graduate learning in professional courses of a single girl child.

To be acquainted with the value of observance of small family standard.


  • The only single girl child or twin daughter or fraternal daughter in the family without any brother can apply.
  • The plan is relevant to such a solitary girl child who has taken affirmation in regular, full-time 1st year Masters Degree course in any perceived college or a post graduate school.
  • She should not cross 30 years of age limit for PG classes.
  • Only PG 1st year student can avail this benefit.
  • Distance education program is not a part of it.
  • The financial assistance that is the scholarship is Rs 3100/-per month till two years(10 months in a year).

Scholarship Void conditions:

  • If any misconduct found with student, she will be barred from the benefit of scheme.
  • Student needs to secure minimum 55% of marks in PG program otherwise scheme will be terminated.

Note: To get the benefits candidates need to apply on the official website of UGC and the complete notice can be accessed here- Notice for Scholarship.

Last Date to enroll : 30th August 2015.

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