UGC Grants Rs 1.53 crores to St.Xaviers College as a part of the heritage tag

University Grants Commission(UGC) has taken pledge to preserve the colleges which are more than 100 years old across the country. In this regard they have conferred the Heritage tag to 19 educational institutions across India. Besides, these 19 institutions will be provided financial aid by the UGC for future progress. H. Devaraj, Vice-chairman of UGC said,” Every college got a different amount, depending on the proposal they made”. He too said that this is the first time UGC is disbursing funds for the colleges. St.Xaviers College, Mumbai is one such institution amongst the 60 applicants which were invited by the UGC under its special heritage scheme.

ugc grants heritage status to 19 collegesThe idea of the heritage tag was developed by the Centre in 2013 where it was decided to grant the monetary support worth Rs. 5-10 crores annually for the development and upgradation of respective colleges.

The college will get this huge amount of money for offering various kinds of diploma and certificate courses for conserving of the heritage monuments in India. Principal Agnelo Menezes said, “We need to fix leakages and cracks on walls at several places in the building. Our library too needs to be restored.”

The pilot project of the college has already began. In this project, second year BA students doing specialization in ancient Indian culture are learning conserving skills from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Kalaghoda. In this respect the principal states, these students are expected to work with history department and Heras institute in the campus to help in the restoration of some of the institute’s artefacts. We also want to digitize some of our old manuscripts in our library. The students will be marked for this.

Principal also makes a statement that it takes years to apply for the heritage status in UGC. He also complimented the presentation of students before the UGC executives. A certificate and diploma course named “Maintaining Heritage in India” is also launched by the college in this honor.

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