UGC brings changes in the grading system of NAAC

ugcUGC has changed the grading system of NAAC. University Grants Commission has decided that now they will be considering four instead of seven. Due to this reason, all the students who are preparing for NAAC (National Council for Accreditation and Assessment Council), they will have work hard now. Now the grading system will move up from “A plus” to “A plus plus.”

NAAC is an autonomous body which was established by the University Grants Commission. The body was established with an aim to assess and accredit the institutions that provide higher education in the country. NAAC has always worked towards refining the education process and also the education system in the country. In the past, NAAC has also collaborated with a lot of stakeholders in the field of education for the sustenance of the education system in India.

The rules have been implemented from the month of July. While inspecting the college, if NAAC finds that the grading of any college is less than C, then that college will not get accreditation by NAAC.

Therefore, it is very important for all the institutions to get accreditation from NAAC. It is on the basis of the grade that NAAC gives, the college gets funding accordingly. That is the reason it becomes very important to give grades to the colleges during an inspection. All those institutions which get highest CGPA will be given a letter of Great. All those institutions which get good ranking will also get good facilities. The new grading system might just prove good for the students.

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