Thanks to UGC, now you can transfer online courses’ credits to classroom courses

Recently, UGC has come up with a new set of guidelines that will provide students with a new framework. This framework will help students in transferring of marks scored in approved online courses to regular classroom courses.

Online learning is growing in India and hence the step taken by UGC will help many students
Online learning is growing in India and hence the step taken by UGC will help many students

According to officials, the University Grants Commission Regulation, 2016, was passed at a recently held meeting by the Commission and it has also received the approval by the HRD Ministry. The complete information will soon be notified to all.

The guidelines have been framed keeping an eye on HRD Ministry’s course known as the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform which is known as Swayam (Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds). It is expected that there will be around 2,000 such courses which will benefit almost three crore learners as a part of this great project.

As of now, the current state of higher education in our country is not upto the mark. But with the launch of this project, it is expected that it will benefit students from all the classes, especially those who belong to the backward classes. They will get the same benefit which is offered to the students in some of the best institutes of the country. With the help of this project, the overall standard of higher education is expected to raise in our country.

Based on the guidelines set by the UGC, the institutes will decide, as per their academic requirements as to which course they are willing to permit for credit transfer. However, according to the project, in a semester, an institute can only provide upto 20% seats with the help of this online mode.

According to an official, “the aim is to widen the access to higher education and bring down its cost by using technological advances.” However, institutes must make sure the availability of the staff before providing online teaching to the students. The Registrars of the institutes will also be notified by Swayam on every June 1 and November 1 about the list of online courses which are to be offered to the students in the next semester.

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