U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama Promoting Let Girls Learn campaign

Education is pivotal in life and is in itself enriching for everyone. However, it is enriching only if all have access to it. Where one section of society is relishing on the advantages of education and other is deprived of it only reflects where the society stands today. What is appalling is that the deprivation rate is inclined more towards females who, at a certain age, are expected to leave their education midway and adapt to household activities. The generalization makes one doubt the concept of education which is supposed to be maintained for all. With the subversion of the concept, there is also a violation in the decorum of education upon which the entire education is based.

In the recent events, the U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama is striving hard with the help of social media to promote the Let Girls Learn campaign which is aiming to provide education to an estimate of 62 million uneducated girls by giving them admissions into school. A Snapchat account was initiated by Obama with the help of many celebrities like James Corden of ‘The Late Late Show‘ with whom she taped a Carpool Karaoke that will run at a future date.

An online community, Hellogiggles.com, has been created on which her experiences in stops like Liberia, Morocco and Spain are posted. In one of the reports, she has described a heart-wrenching moment which she experienced while meeting an 11 year old girl who told her that she was asked to marry a man twice her age and have children. Obama has also provided details of nearly $100 million funding from the Millennium Challenge Corporation, a foreign-aid agency, to create a new model for secondary education. With the help of the money, various mentoring programs, internships, afterschool clubs, upgraded bathrooms for girls and ‘gender-responsive’ training for teachers to change the way curriculum is delivered.

The dropping of school attendance of girls have also prompted Obama to publicize a Peace Corps plan to make Morocco the 36th country where volunteers would help the organization encourage girls go into classrooms. The first lady has also thanked many business and community leaders who have contributed to the Let Girls Learn programs. Countries like Japan, the United Kingdom and other foreign governments have pledged more than $500 million for similar global girls’ education programs. The initiative is also meant to address issues like HIV and poverty that are cited as the main reasons in preventing females from attaining education.

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