Two Indians Make Way To Google Science Fair 2016 Finals

Indian students made their feat at Google Science fair 2016. There are 16 finalists selected on the international level from 9 different countries. Many students participated with their projects encompassing with innovative ideas. So far, 16 finalists got selected including two Indian teens. It is a proud moment for them to represent India on a global platform.

The two bright students- Shriyank and Mansha Fatima hails from Bengaluru and Hyderabad respectively. Their project brought innovative ideas. Shriyank who is from National Public School, Bengaluru made the project titled ‘KeepTab: A novel way to aid memory with deep learning algorithms!’ This project demonstrates a wearable device which uses a cloud-based deep learning framework to aid human memory recall the location of day-to-day objects.

Two Indians Make Way To Google Science Fair 2016 Finals Mansha Fatima’s project deals with agriculture. Project titled ‘Automated Water Management and Monitoring System in Paddy fields’ in deals to monitor water levels in rice paddy fields. It would help farmers in the agricultural related problems. Farmers can produce better yield crops with the use of this project.

For the final round, all the 16 finalists will visit Mountain View city in Santa Clara County, California. The final winner of the competition will be decided on 27th September and the winner will be awarded as the scholarship of $50,000.

Andrea Cohan, Programme lead of Google Science fair, said Google tried to bring some innovative ideas through this fair which would add some value to the field of science and engineering and all the 16 finalists have something innovative whether it is the breathalyzer test to predict lung cancer or the carbon test that may decrease Styrofoam test.

Concerning about Google India, Vice president of South East Asia and India, Rajan Anandan said the google team has the mission to make Indian internet users to reach the nark of 1 billion. He said the number is 350 million in current date and the target is achievable.

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