Two IIT Alumni earn ‘Genius Grant’ for 2016

Indian Scientists and dignitaries have always made our country proud globally and given us chance to stand proudly anywhere. Especially, IITians made their remarkable achievement in every area. Whether it is academics or entertainment, they are pervasive and making a great contribution.

Recently, two Indian-American Scientists, Manu Prakash and Subhash Khot, have been awarded as MacArthur Fellowship, also known as Genius Grant. They will be also given a grant of $625,000 over five years. Manu Prakash and Subhash Khot has done their graduation from IIT Kanpur and IIT Bombay respectively. Further, Khot went to New York University and Manu Prakash to Stanford University.

Dr Subhash Khot
Subhash Khot, 2016 MacArthur Fellow, photographed in New York, New York on Thursday, September 8th, 2016.

Dr. Khot having an aficionado of Computer Science works in theoretical computer science in the field of computational complexity. His work emphasizes in unresolved problems which provide approximate solutions to hard problems. His conjecture helps mathematicians to obtain important results in Fourier Analysis, Geometry and the stability of various electron models.

Dr. Manu Prakash’s forte is physical biology. He has invented low budget devices which happened to be very effective in the biological and medical world. One of his invention, Foldscope, made of folding paper lashed with glass bead lens to view things in submicron range has been adopted by schools and medical experts.

Manu Prakash
Manu Prakash, 2016 MacArthur Fellow, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, September 8, 2016.

His another invention can be marked as crucial invention in the present scenario. His sticker microfluid chip can contain thousand nanolitres sized droplets of saliva of mosquito bites. It can detect the certain type of pathogen which is responsible for disease outbreak.

Stanford University speaks about Manu Prakash that his contribution involves the real life experience which he gained from India. His childhood made a special impact on his research which he used to carry out.

These both geniuses are making a spectacular contribution in their field and to the world. Also, they are sharing a good image of Indian Diaspora which is not so good at the global scale when compared to west and China.

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