English medium schools allege MSCE of discrimination in scholarship exams

With the revised pattern of the syllabus of scholarship exam in the state, English Medium schools are making an allegation of discrimination to the Maharashtra Education Board. This issue came after when some changes occurred regarding the proposed exam that would be held for classes V and VIII instead of classes IV and VII from this academic year.

msceAs per the new requirement of RTE (Right to Education) act, 2009, the Middle School Scholarship and the High School Scholarship exams will be held for classes V and VIII. Following this criteria, Maharashtra State Council of Examination (MSCE) revised the syllabus and the pattern of the examination. The problem occurred when MSCE released the booklet on the guidelines in the Marathi language to get accustomed with the revised pattern, reported The Indian Express.

Many English Medium schools drew their concern over this act of MSCE and said it is a pure act of creating a sense of disparity among students of Maharashtra. Even parents and students are not happy with the guidelines of MSCE. There are about 1 lakh students who hail from English medium background which creates more tension among the school authorities.

The intimidation and furor grew when the MSCE said they would not release the translated version of the guidelines. Many academic experts also hold their opinion and said the gesture of MSCE is not in the favor of English Medium schools and it is creating a sense of partition in the society. Also, MSCE has been accused of promoting only state language leaving behind the English language which is more important in a long run. This would affect badly the upcoming academic session this year.

While MSCE in its clarification said there was not ample amount of time to print the English version of the guideline booklet. RV Godhane, commissioner of MSCE, said the officials of MSCE tried their best to prepare the booklet in the short amount of time and it would not be possible to publish the booklet in translated language in the next four months. However, he suggested teachers of English medium schools to help students translating the booklet into the English language.

There are still four months to go for the Middle School Scholarship and the High School Scholarship exams. After getting the response from MSCE, theĀ responsibility would now be in the hand of authorities of English Medium school to groom their students for the upcoming scholarship exams.

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