After Temples, Trupti Desai to seek equal rights in Haji Ali Dargah

women entry in haji ali dargah
Till now, Women are not allowed to enter the inner sanctum of Dargah. Image Source : Pinterest

After entering into several temples, Bhumata Ranragini Brigade said that they would launch a movement seeking women entry to the famed Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai. The announcement made by Trupti Desai has made Shiv Sena leader fuming. A Muslim leader even said that he will greet Trupti Desai with slippers, if she would try to enter the shrine.

Muslim leader Haji Arafat Sheikh, who joined Shiv Sena after leaving Maharashtra Navnirman Sena said that she would be hit with chappals if she attempts to enter the dargah. They believe that the plan to enter the dargah is a part of the controversy.

He said, “Islam does not allow women to touch the mazar-e-sharif in a dargah. We strongly condemn what Trupti Desai is saying. We won’t allow her to enter the inner sanctum of the Hazi Ali Dargah. I will be the voice of my religion and will not allow her to touch the mazar-e-sharif.”

He further added, “All Muslim women have been opposing this. This is a conspiracy to disturb the peaceful environment inside Mumbai. A conspiracy is being made to instigate the Muslims by playing caste and religion-based politics. The police and law and order should prevent her from doing that.”

In the month of February, the Maharashtra government had supported the entry of women to the Haji Ali Dargah. On 20 April, Haji Ali Forum was launched by Brigade President Trupti Desai along with several other activists, NGOs, social groups to fight for women’s entry to the shrine, the shrine is nearly six centuries old and situated amid the rocks in the Arabian Sea off the Worli shoreline.

After the launch of the successful right to pray campaign which was centered around the Shani temple in Ahmednagar district and Trimbakeshwar temple in Nashik, she is planning to launch a similar movement to seek the entry of women in Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai.

Trupti Desai has also called upon all the Muslim women in the country to contact her organization to highlight alleged gender discrimination at other dargah and has promised to take up the issue. The Bombay High Court is hearing a petition challenging the Haji Ali Trust’s decision to ban the entry of women into the sanctum of the shrine.

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