Tripura will soon achieve 100% Literacy rate, CM says

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar

Recent speech by the Chief minister of Tripura, Mr Manik Sarkar, at the International Literacy Day function, would have brought lots of happiness to the people in the state of Tripura. He said that, the literacy rate of existing 96.8% would get increased to 100% soon. He also said that, neo- literate would become self reliant in gradual way. According to the chief minister, after three phases of literacy campaign since the year 2011, the literacy rate is now 96.8% and it is progressing towards 100% in the near future.

Mr Manik Sarkar also said that for the benefit of the economically self-reliant people a scheme named ‘Swabhalamban’ was started. He also expressed his happiness over the families that had become self dependent in the last three to four years. He said that the 15,000 families were not only self dependent but also offered jobs to 35000 to 50000 people in their farms and trading hubs. The CM proudly said that from being 12th position in 2001 census to the 4th position in 2011 census in literacy, Tripura state had gone long way in establishing its supremacy in education when compared to other states of India.

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It was to be noted that, after Tripura got 87.75 % literacy in 2011 census, a government survey was organized by eight district magistrates in August 2012 and it was found that out of 37 lakh people that included above the age of 50, only 1,31,634 were not literate. The Left leader was also of the view that, out of 120 crore population of India over 40 crore were not educated and central government was reducing funds for the education sector. He also said that the current allocation of funds towards education was less than 5%.

Mr Tapan Chakraborty, education minister of Tripura, spoke about the literacy rate of Tripura in the year 1951 which was just 15%. Mr Chakraborty also pointed about the gender gap in the literacy rates in Tripura and said that it was only 2.2 %. He also spoke about  the positive measures that would be taken by the government of Tripura in the launching of distance and digital literacy campaign for the illiterate people and to enlarge education scope for neo-literates.

Both chief minister and education minister felt proud about China where the literacy rate rose from mere 20% in 1949 to the present 95%. They also said that India must learn from China in the literacy aspect.

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