Time to go hi-tech – Online hiring registers tremendous growth

Nowadays, every person leads a busy schedule and sometimes it becomes really difficult to travel for the interview. In this respect, the online hiring process has earned the great popularity along with enhanced opportunities. Starting from the small to the medium sized companies today focus on online internships that would help to make the recruitment process easier.

online hiringHere are given some useful information that would reveal the real time situation regarding the online hiring process:

* 67.7% of online interns during 2007-2008 were considered for the full time positions

* 83.6% of the positions were accepted

* 35.3% of the full time employees were recruited through the online interns

So, this clearly divulges that online hiring process today has gained the utmost important accompanied with the advancement of technology.

Below are described the real time advantages that the employer can acknowledge carrying out the online interns. The points are depicted as follows:

* Recruiting the real talented person

* Lesser investment from both ends

* Better support for the students developing greater skills with a strong resume

* It also comes out with an enhanced perspective that’s useful for all the candidates

Apart from these there exist manifold other positive features due to which the employers prefer executing online hiring.

In the recent times, applying online appears as the most effective way to get selected for the interview. It would take only a few moments and you can complete the procedure sitting at your place. You can even get the call letter online getting a printed version of it. So, the entire thing becomes easier and even the employer can hire the right person eliminating all the barriers. Also, the human resource personnel can scrutinize the applications carefully selecting the right candidate removing the unnecessary applications.

Recent Update

According to Timesjobs report of this year, on January the overall online hiring raised to about 11% that represents the ultimate success. The sectors that got the maximum benefits are the IT/telecom sector and thus they come out as the best employer generating the top employments.

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