Delhi University – what is it worth for?

A University is defined by its infrastructure, faculty, students, and placements. To make the university a better hub of education, every factor should go hand in hand. The main key factor that makes a university better is the quality of students.

In India, it is supposed that the Delhi University is the best university across the country. The success rate of Delhi University’s student is generally higher than compared to other universities. Also, it possesses alumni in the diverse fields, politics, acting, literature, etc. Notable alumni of Delhi University are Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Shashi Tharoor, Aung San Su Kyi and many more.

Delhi University is divided into two campuses i.e. North and South Campus. Generally, students preferred North Campus because of its top notch colleges like St Stephens, Lady Sri Ram, Sri Ram College of Commerce. Students from these colleges are supposed to be very intelligent and sound-minded. They used to perform well in the exams like UPSC, CAT. But, the question is what makes these students successful, the university or students themselves?

As Delhi University is famous for its sky-touching cut-offs, so the students coming here are the cream part of every part of India. So, it’s not surprising to see them cracking tough exams and to be successful. And, the harmony among the best minds also works here.

Except a few top college, students of the university claim that the faculty is not up to the mark. They explained, the faculties of Delhi University do not provide systematic knowledge of the subjects which led them to join coaching classes. Also, the infrastructure and the boarding facility is pathetic which cause to suffer students. So, what is Delhi University worth for?

The answer to this question is obviously the exposure. The exposure in Delhi University is supposed to be the best in the India. Students here come from different parts of India with different cultures, this led them to learn different kind of things. Also, the extracurricular activities in the university cause to make students versatile and the elections set up a benchmark for a great political career. To develop one’s acumen, it is probably the best place in India.

So, apply for Delhi University or not? This question is based on the frame of reference. What one aspires to be? What is his/her strength? Surely, if someone is getting above 97 % in class XII there would be not any problem. The problem lies with those students who couldn’t do well in board exams and it leads to anxiety and stress among them. Those students should look for the alternatives. In Delhi, there are other universities from which students can pursue their higher education.

Choosing for the university and its courses are one of the critical things that students do in their life. Students should take this step very patiently and effectively. There is no need to rush after a single university to leave other good options. After all, it’s a matter of time and career.

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