The unending debate over ‘Exit Test’ after MBBS

Countries like US,China,Thailand, Australia and UK are already having licensing exams after final year of MBBS to become graduate, so why not India?

Soon the Indian medical education system will witness some welcome changes which were due since quite long towards improving the quality of medical practitioners in the country. This was evident when Union Ministry of Health and Medical Council of India (MCI) finally arrived at the decision to conduct an exit test for MBBS students, this will be applicable for students of both Government as well as private medical colleges. This decision is expected to be taken to keep in check the quality of doctors being produced in the country every year and also to standardize their skills. The test will initially be optional.

In laymen terms, Exit Exam is a license to be called as Graduate and practice as doctor. Proposed by ministry in presence of MCI and IMA, it is more of licensing exam to be called as ‘GRADUATE’ even after you have completed your MBBS. It is also known as ‘all-india-chapter’. The exam will be even more crucial as students not passing the exit exam, could even be held back from post-graduate studies.

Presently, doctors get registration after MBBS from MCI to practice in their respective state. If they have to move and practice in another state, they have to take registration from MCI for that state. According to MCI, if a student passes exit exam, he/she will no longer need to register with MCI for practice in different states, rather, he/she can practice anywhere in India with Exit Exam certificate. Not just the students, this will also help MCI to rank colleges. Apart from just an exit exam, it will also give doctors a hassle free opportunity to practise anywhere in India as explained by the term ‘all-India-chapter’.

On the other hand is IMA which is criticising over the need of Exit Exam after MBBS with a belief that practical knowledge holds the vital position. An exit exam will create two kinds of doctors in society, one who passed exit exam and are superior, and others who didn’t, tagged as inferior. The point to be taken into consideration here is that the students who are unable to clear the Exit Exam; their 5 years of MBBS will go nothing but in vain. MCI should rather propose combined level entrance exams to ensure quality. One such example is NEET.

What matters is the opinions of the students. While some say that MBBS is a hard course, with a follow up of preparation of PG, then job and then finally settling in life that too in the company of books. On the other hand some support exit exam saying that this for them Exit exam is not an issue since they are always prepared to be better.
The question still remains unanswered: Are the India doctors really in favour of the Exit Exam? Or do they want to raise their voices against the decision taken by the Ministry?

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  • Well, the important thing is not what the doctors or students want. Even after passing out from medical colleges in India, students would not be much qualified to practice as doctors. I do agree that students should have an exam before receiving the degree certificate.

    I am studying MBBS in China and believe me its not an easy way or a short cut to become a doctor. Studying abroad in any country is always a challenging task as compared to studying in your own country. Even after this struggle for five years, we have to come back and appear the MCI Screening Test, which is by far set as per the standards of PG. Then this exam should also be mandatory to the students studying in India. I guess once the students pay off the donations and fees of the college, they are 100% proven doctors, but what is the guarantee of his/her practical training?

    I think the best place to prepare for the MCI Screening Test Crash Courses is the website. I found this website and when registered, all the questions were divided into three parts, like 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours. So I could calculate my time and have an idea where do I stand, before appearing to the actual FMGE Screening test. Hope this helps others too, kindly spread the word, since its completely free.

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