The skill development way

One of the key campaigns launched by Centre in past years is ‘Skill India’, initiative by the current Prime Minister of Country, Narendra Modi’s government. While the project has been in lights more than 2 years now, it is still to blossom. In this era when the automation and the advancement in the field of technology are causing job cuts in multiple core industries, and when the government doesn’t seem to do enough for the unemployed ones, the push for skill development programmes and it’s awareness can prove out to be a boon for all.

Being in a country like India which has a large number of population, skilled workforce was still a dream project. After much talked about campaigns like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’, it was time for ‘Skill India’ which is a multi-skill programme launched in March 2015. This project is definitely a great help to bring skilled workforce in the country.

Why skill India

For the development of talent present in Indian youth, opportunities should be created. The more the scope and space for the youth, the better will be the nation. This was started to build those sectors that have put under skill development for the past so many years.  Even new sectors for skill development are started under this project. This programme is set up to train and skill 500 million youths of the country by the year 2020 which will cover every village. New schemes are even launched to make this project a successful one. Skill India s started to generate more employment opportunities to the youth and bring development in the entrepreneur sector.

All the sectors like carpenters, cobbler, nurses, tailors etc are included in the list. In our country sectors like jewellery designing, banking, tourism gem industry, texture, the skill is nil. Thus to bring development in these sectors this programme must be the focus. The training programmes will be done according to the international standards so that youth of the country can cater to the foreign market. The main feature of the ‘Skill India’ creates a hallmark called ‘Rural India Skill’, so as to standardises the training process.


To improve productivity and to build up confidence in the youth, skill India is very important. This will initiate blue collar jobs for the youth. For the development of youth skill, India started at a right age may give them good job opportunities and to settle up well in their lives. Training on speaking skills such as customer dealing and tactics to influence people while working is provided under this project to make them have a stand in society. This programme has definitely spread in the rural areas and is covering every government and non-government schools and organisations for development.

How can this create air for dwindling jobs?

In a country like India, if the population is more than job opportunities are not up to the mark. Thus students who get the required knowledge certainly move to some other place as they get high-income facility over there. Job sector is definitely is a low state as because the educated people move out and India is left with unskilled workforce so only that kind of job opportunities are there. So when by the year 2020 skilled workforce will be available than the nation will itself make job opportunities. Even with time, development is taking place which will require the skilled workforce. So moving from unskilled sector to skilled sector is in itself an initiate to train and utilise the potential of youth for the development of the own country. The real challenge is not to find the low paying jobs for the youth but to skill the workforce so as to get a standard of living.

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