The School With Only 1 Teacher, 1 Student In Punjab

one student one teacher inp[unjab school
The government primary school in Bhalaipur, Kapurthala, Punjab is left with only 1 student and 1 teacher, and empty classrooms are a permanent situation there.
After Telangana, it was Punjab’s turn to become another example of rotten education system of the country. A state that has around 10,000 government primary schools, there is one government school in Kapurthala district has been running for past 6 years with less than 10 students each year. This year, the condition is much worse as there are only 2 persons, teacher Kamlajit Singh and student Jagdeep Singh who is now in Class 5.

More shockingly, in past few years, the state education department has closed several schools whose strength was less than 20 students and merged them with nearby schools, but the officials could not manage to pay any heed towards the pathetic condition of this particular school in Bhalaipur village of Kapurthala.

The village has around 35 to 40 households and all of them prefer private schools over government schools and there is our education department, which is spending nearly Rs 50,000 monthly on operating the school. Teacher Singh also mentioned that he has approached villages for sending their wards to the school, but they are aligned towards sending them in private schools. He also approached Village Panchayat, but only to get no positive response from villagers.

District Education Officer (Elementary Education) Gurcharan Singh Multani said he was aware of the situation and the matter has been addressed to the senior officials. He said, soon apt action would be taken by education department.

But one question that remains unanswered, why education department has remained silent over the situation for more than 5 years. If one particular school has been reporting students’ registration below par level, why there were no actions taken? Government spending public money amounting approx Rs 6 lakh per annum on an educational institution which is not serving its purpose. It could have simply been merged with an adjoining school and saved unnecessary expenses. This indicates negligence on the part of education department officials who just ignored the situation and carried out the proceedings without taking any action.

Wait there is one more example, a school – Adi Dravidar Welfare Primary School, Thulasingapuram, Tamil Nadu. The school was established way back in 1930s with a much higher enrollment of around 300 students (figure is very high as of that time), but currently school is running with just two students.

HRD Ministry can wash off its hands in these issues, but respective education departments can not get away from its responsibilities. It is the duty of states’ education departments to take care of such issues, as it is already in the law that schools with such less enrollment should be merged with neighbouring schools and it should have been done few years ago. This loss of years, along with money, is unjustified.

If parents are preferring private schools for their kids over government schools due to poor quality education, the issue can only be solved by sending good qualified teachers and improving facilities in government schools.

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